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Tuesday, June 2, 2020
Home Swiss Franc European Court action gathers pace

European Court action gathers pace

SINCE announcing last month (Co-ordinated action at European Court of Justice) that the Anglo-Hellenic & Cypriot Law Association was to co-ordinate a European wide effort, to get compensation at the European Court of Justice for the misselling of Swiss Franc loans, there has been an inundation of people joining the new action group.

Work has now begun on drafting the pleadings for the case with leading experts on European Law from the U.K. and the continent. However to ensure that those who have already signed up are not prejudiced there will be a closing date of 8 February 2014 after which no new members of the action group will be accepted.

Anyone who wishes to join before the deadline should write to or call 0044 (0)207 263 6445 for details.


  1. @Jackie – I suspect you are right. If there were a slew of settlements or victories I rather think we would have heard of them by now – and……?

    What’s needed is pressure from UK government on Cyprus to sort out the fall-out from this scam and relieve the crushing fiscal stress on people before it becomes intolerable. Several years on from the collapse – there have been instances where people have died from stress-related illnesses and even in extreme cases – taken their own lives – which can be attributed to the life-wrecking consequences of this horror-story.

    Instead – we appear to have a UK Prime Minister & government much more interested in handing rights over to Cyprus via the bases – and flying all over the globe grandstanding on ‘human rights’ for the citizens of other nations when the rights of our own citizens seem to be rotting to ribbons.

  2. Seems to me these action groups are getting nowhere. I’m loathe to pay up front fees after having lost so much money after buying a home. I don’t want to lose any more! This unfortunate state of affairs has been going on for 6 years now! The banks in Cyprus do not have available credit to compensate anyone, even if it was proved the mortgages were miss-sold. Buying property in Cyprus was the biggest mistake of our lives and has cost us dearly.

  3. In answer to Steve R, I’m not allowed to post publicly but if there’s some way I can contact you or meet up I can tell you of our experience with the company named in the article.

  4. Is this just another action group such as Judicare who are charging an upfront fee to join and end up going quiet with no real progress. I am getting sick of people getting my hopes up, taking fees and getting nowhere. Can anybody spread some light on this latest action group

  5. Reading the comments to the previous article entitled ‘Co-ordinated action at European Court of Justice’, are there any grounds for believing that action against the regulators will produce any benefits for the victims of this alleged mis-selling if the banks simply defend their position by reiterating their previous stance that they were only providing what borrowers demanded of them?

  6. May I wish everyone involved with this action group every success. I thank my lucky star that I did not have the misfortune to get involved with such unethical and greedy people when buying my home.

    I hope the people involved are named and shamed and banned from having any involvement with banking the law and property in general

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