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Immovable Property Tax refunds on their way

Those who paid their Immovable Property Tax for 2013 prior to the changes agreed by parliament on 18th October should soon an envelope from the Inland Revenue Department with a refund.

Immovable Property Tax cartoon FOLLOWING the changes to the Immovable Property Tax law that removed the €75 minimum payment, I received many emails from those who had already paid asking how to apply for a refund.

I have some good news for them and everyone else who overpaid – the Inland Revenue Department has started to issue refunds.

I have already received emails from several people living in Paphos and Larnaca who have received cheques as the 1980 value of their property(ies) fell below the €12,500 threshold at which the tax became payable following changes to the law that were implemented on 17th October 2013.

Time to hit the January sales!

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  • @Pebbles – I suggest that you call into the Inland Revenue office in Limassol and find out what’s happened.

  • Pebbles says:

    Since my husband and I bought our stone house in Ypsonas in joint names, we both had to pay the €75.00, I have received a cheque for €67.00, my husband as yet has received nothing! I guess there must be an element of ‘administration’ in the refund process!

  • Andrew says:

    Do you know how long it takes to receive payment for IPT that was paid to the developer before we received our deeds. The forms were completed a year ago by our solicitor but we have not had any refund yet. The normal Cyprus way of everything taking ages.

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