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Thursday 16th July 2020
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Complimentary tickets to ‘A Place in the Sun Live’

Laura Hamilton, Jasmine Harman, Jonnie Irwin and Amanda Lamb
A PLACE IN THE SUN LIVE is the UK’s largest and best attended overseas property exhibition next taking place at Olympia London 28th-30th March 2014.

The official exhibition of the hit television series, A Place in the Sun Live attracts thousands of serious overseas property hunters every spring and autumn. There are hundreds of exhibitors showcasing properties from countries such as France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, Cyprus and USA providing the perfect opportunity for visitors to meet agents, developers and service providers face-to-face.

There’s a packed programme of free-to-attend seminars in The A Place in the Sun Hub with advice and insight from Jasmine Harman, Jonnie Irwin, Amanda Lamb and Laura Hamilton, gained from many house-hunting episodes around the world with the A Place in the Sun TV crew. And with A Place in the Sun Editor Liz Rowlinson hosting panel sessions with industry insiders and expert Q&As, there’s everything from the fun of the hunt to the serious business of buying overseas property the right way.

For more in-depth information on particular destinations, there are dedicated feature areas and seminar theatres for the most popular countries with the French Property Village, Italian Property Pavilion, Portuguese Property Pavilion and Florida Property Pavilion. Focussed, dynamic and ever-popular, these areas deliver a full day’s worth of information for the house buyer who knows where they plan to buy.

Complimentary tickets

Once again, the organisers are offering free tickets worth £10 each – and you can get yours by clicking on your complimentary ticket to A Place in the Sun Live and following the instructions.

Further reading

How to Buy Overseas Property Safely’ – a 49 page consumer guide from the Association of Independent Property Professionals (AIPP).

How to Buy Property in Cyprus‘ – advice from the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office.


  1. I do hope that someone will be at these exhibitions to warn people not to buy from developers in Cyprus.

    My house was featured on channel 4 a few years ago by a certain couple on breakfast TV for homes overseas. I have had a court order for 3 years now for land registry to issue my deeds but they will not issue because a certain bank in Cyprus says that there is a mortgage outstanding by the developer who is not bankrupt he has just disappeared. I know where he is in the UK but the bank’s here will not chase him for the money he owes and they will not tell me the amount outstanding. They tell me I will loose my home but will not talk to me.

    The new guy in charge of the bank says’ he wants total transparency with all aspects of the bank’s dealings so I hope he will pass this down to the people who now work for him [in theory].

  2. Every time this show comes around – I keep thinking of a nice peaceful demo with 500 people silently linked arms around the entrance at peak times until eventually moved on. If done correctly it would unnerve the proceedings and it really doesn’t have to be violent or confrontational in any way.

    500 people saying nothing at all but there together – would raise far more questions than a few with placards.

    500 people also get’s noticed by the media – who would ask those questions.

    Shifting the status quo – I’m of the opinion that’s really the way to get noticed on this one.

  3. The show must go on eh!

    No doubt these actors on Channel 4 TV will carry on helping to spread the myth that Cyprus is a safe place to buy property. They will probably tell punters that the Cyprus legal system is so like the British legal system.

    Almost certainly they will NOT inform potential home makers that thousands of buyers have been waiting for many years for their title deeds. They probably won`t tell the show goers or the TV audience that Cypriot lawyers routinely fail to disclose developer mortgages. Who knows maybe they will be able to stage their TV show in some fire sale, Bank reposessed homes, any time soon.

    The show must go on!

  4. @ hani,

    The Government doesn’t have any money it gets all it’s money from the taxpayers. That is people like me.

    Why should my taxes go towards paying off your or anyone elses title deeds? I had to pay for my own title deeds, the cost of nearly €14k with the money demanded by my developer took all my savings.

    Why shouldn’t the developer pay? He’s spent the money on Mercs and villas for himself and his family. So if he can’t pay make him bankrupt.

    And why should the banks expect to get its money in full? They were negligent with NPL’s. They were negligent in allowing bankrupt companies to keep selling. They were negligent in allowing and restructuring debts. If they had chased for payment this mess wouldn’t have been allowed to materialise. Why should a negligent person be expected to be paid in full when they caused a problem?

    So although I feel for those without title deeds please don’t use my taxes for the shortfall.

    But you still have my sympathies for what they are worth.

  5. Give the Brits their title deeds even if the government has to swallow the loss in the short run but in the long run losses will be covered by the oil and by new volume of business, and the Brits are our only saviour. If we turn the table around.

    Would any Cypriot accept staying in England owning a house with no title deeds, the British government can easily suspend all title deeds given to Cypriots they still did not do it, like the bailin that took place last year; so, wake their is no time for manoeuvres any more!

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