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Cyprus slips out of the top 10

Cyprus has slipped out of the top 10 in the Top of the Props chart published by the which records the most searched for overseas destinations to buy property.

Cyprus sea caves at Pegia, north of Paphos CYPRUS moved out of the top 10 to number 11 in the latest ‘Top of the Props’ report published by the property portal, accounting for 1.39% of on-line searches on the property portal.

North America retained its number one spot for the seventh successive month with enquiries up to 18.56% of the overall total, while Spain kept its second position accounting for 8.55% of enquiries.

France moved up two places into the number three spot, followed by Portugal at number four and Brazil (which slipped two places) at number five.

The Bahamas cruised up 26 places to take the number six spot, followed by Canada, Thailand and Turkey.

Interest in Italy also increased, as the country climbed back into the top 10, pushing  Cyprus down one place to number eleven.

The full breakdown of the January 2014 edition of the Top of the Props chart is as follows:

Share (%age)
1USA18.56No change
2Spain8.55No change
3France5.94Up 2
4Portugal3.74No change
5Brazil2.51Down 2
6Bahamas2.39Up 26
7Canada2.01No change
8Thailand1.97Up 1
9Turkey1.54Down 1
10Italy1.51Up 1
11Cyprus1.39Down 1
12India1.28Up 1
13Germany1.20Up 2
14Barbados1.08Up 9
15Bulgaria1.07Down 1
16UAE0.72Up 4
17Hungary0.67Down 5
18Greece0.65Down 2
19St Kitts and Nevis0.62Up 23
20All Countries0.36No change
21Croatia0.35Down 3
22Argentina0.29Down 16
23Ecuador0.28Down 6
24Poland0.27Up 3
25Egypt0.27Up 10
26Pakistan0.25Down 4
27St Lucia0.24Up 3
28Gibraltar0.24No change
29Cayman Islands0.24Up 1
30Switzerland0.22Up 3
31Cape Verde0.22Down 10
32Malta0.18Down 6
33Australia0.18Down 4
34Panama0.18Up 11
35Slovenia0.16Down 1
36Belize0.12Down 5
37South Africa0.12Down 18
38Czech Republic0.12No change
39Albania0.11Down 3
40Jamaica0.11Up 4

Founded in 1999, is the leading independent website for international property, with than 400,000 listings in over 100 countries around the world, marketed on behalf of agents, developers and private owners.

Its ‘Top of the Props’ chart is based on the number of on-line enquiries for property in different countries around the world.

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  • Peter says:

    what is the point of having a comments place on this page when you write the truth it is rejected , obviously you do not want the truth , so whats the point

  • Peter says:

    and no wonder, who wants to a country where it helps there selves to people’s money from there bank accounts

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