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Escape to Paphos

EPISODE 5 in the BBC 2 series ‘Escape to the Continent’ was broadcast last Saturday and featured a couple from Yorkshire considering a permanent move to Paphos.

Anita Rani, who presented the programme, explained how the island’s financial crisis had resulted in house prices falling “by a massive 40 to 50 percent, which is great news if you’re a buyer – and you can pick up a property for between 10 and 15 percent below the asking price. Of course costs do vary depending on the area you choose to live in – and Paphos is considered quite desirable and therefore, a little bit more expensive. The average three bedroom house here, in a rural setting, by a village, will cost you about £200,000.”

The couple, Brian from Bradford, a former healthcare lecturer, and Evey, a guide-dog puppy trainer and a former nurse from Wakefield, had been together for six months after meeting on an Internet dating site.

Brian had visited Cyprus once before earlier in the year, stayed in Paphos, and had got to know the area very well; it was Evey’s first visit.

They preferred older properties with character, but were quite open-minded and flexible. They were looking for something detached with a minimum of two bedrooms and bathrooms, in a secluded location, with plenty of outdoor living space and a swimming pool. They’d set their budget at £200,000, but could stretch to £220,000.

During their visit they stayed in a rented house and visited the PAWS Dog Shelter at Acheleia, where they talked to Kirsty and John who had lived in Paphos for a number of years. Evey tried her hand at traditional dancing while Brian accompanied her on guitar.

Anita visited Halloumi cheese producer Philippos Philippou at Galataria, where she helped out at the factory and tried the finished product straight from the factory.

During the programme Anita mentioned a few points to bear in mind when purchasing a property in Cyprus. “Independent legal advice is strongly recommended for any financial transactions undertaken. A lawyer should ensure that a property’s Title Deeds are readily available as proof of ownership can be an issue on the island. A search should also be carried out for any pre-existing mortgages on the property or land. Money will need to be put aside for various costs including legal, transfer and agent’s fees.”

Brian and Evey looked at properties in Stroumpi, Prodromi, Tala and a mystery house Kallepia (actually it was two houses in one).

Although they liked all of the houses they saw, none of them quite suited their needs. They returned to the UK to put Brian’s house on the market so they could increase their budget for a permanent home in Paphos and planned to return to Cyprus to continue their search.

The BBC programme below runs for 59 minutes.