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29th May 2022
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Cyprus moves up in Top of the Props chart

CYPRUS moved up one place to number fourteen in the March 2014 edition of the ‘Top of the Props’ published by the property portal, accounting for 1.27% of on-line searches on the property portal.

The top four real estate markets remain unchanged, with the USA in the number one spot accounting for 15.66% of all enquiries. France kept its second place with 8.40%, followed by Spain 6.04% and Portugal 4.22%.

Italy moved up four places to number five, while Turkey moved up one place to number six. Brazil slipped two places to number seven and Bahamas moved back into the top at number eight.

Canada slipped three places to number five and Greece jumped six places to take the tenth spot.

The’s Accounts Director Naz Haghi commented: “Buyers are returning to the eurozone thanks to a combination of low prices and improving sentiment. Greece and Italy have both enjoyed a consistent increase in enquiries during the first three months of 2014, a sign that this is not a one-off spike in interest. Argentina surged back to 11th place in March, for example, driven by attractive new launches in the area. Italy and Greece, though, have seen no new products or marketing activity in the last three months. Instead, we have noticed a significant growth in natural traffic for Italian and Greek property, as buyers both inside and outside of the EU search for the countries in Google, attracted by low prices and Greece’s Golden Visa.

“That improved sentiment have seen buyers toy with other old favourites, such as Bulgaria and Cyprus, but momentum remains with more traditional lifestyle destinations. With four out of the top five destinations on now made up of eurozone markets, confidence is certainly on the up.”

The full breakdown of the February 2014 edition of the Top of the Props chart is as follows:

Share (%age)
1 USA 15.66 No change
2 France 8.40 No change
3 Spain 6.04 No change
4 Portugal 4.22 No change
5 Italy 3.08 Up 4
6 Turkey 2.84 Up 1
7 Brazil 2.30 Down 2
8 Bahamas 2.23 Up 4
9 Canada 2.05 Down 3
10 Greece 1.84 Up 6
11 Argentina 1.63 Up 38
12 Thailand 1.49 Down 1
13 Bulgaria 1.44 Down 3
14 Cyprus 1.27 Up 1
15 Ecuador 0.97 Up 22
16 Germany 0.97 Up 1
17 Cape Verde 0.96 Up 4
18 Croatia 0.95 Up 6
19 UAE 0.94 Up 1
20 India 0.84 Down 6
21 Panama 0.62 Up 11
22 Cayman Islands 0.50 No change
23 Hungary 0.45 Down 4
24 Malta 0.44 Up 1
25 Egypt 0.42 Down 2
26 Pakistan 0.39 Up 8
27 St Lucia 0.38 Up 2
28 Poland 0.35 Down 10
29 Northern Cyprus 0.34 Down 2
30 Jamaica 0.31 Up 5
31 SWITZERLAND 0.29 Up 12
32 Australia 0.26 Down 24
33 Czech Republic 0.26 Up 13
34 Barbados 0.24 Down 21
35 South Africa 0.23 Up 9
36 New Zealand 0.21 Up 4
37 Guernsey 0.20 No change
38 Romania 0.18 Down 2
39 Belize 0.17 Down 13
40 Philippines 0.16 No change

Founded in 1999, is the leading independent website for international property, with than 000,000 listings in over 100 countries around the world, marketed on behalf of agents, developers and private owners.

Its ‘Top of the Props’ chart is based on the number of on-line enquiries for property in different countries around the world.



  1. JustSomeone.

    I arrived at the conclusion that any solicitor who completes without securing the title deeds is corrupt for not warning their clients beforehand of the possible financial dangers, which is corrupt for not working in the interests of their clients, that is why you’re advised to seek an independent solicitor and not the one recommended by the Builder/property company.

    If the solicitors had done their job properly in the past there wouldn’t be a title deed issued today.

    If somebody like a certain forum owner for instance tells you there cannot be a problem when not receiving your title deeds maybe they have an ulterior motive.

  2. @JustSomeone – Regarding corrupt lawyers, you only have to look at the results of the ‘Have your say’ poll running at the moment.

    Many people, both foreign and Cypriot, bought properties that the developer had built on mortgaged land.

    However, the lawyer allegedly acting on behalf of those buyers failed to disclose this information to them – you could say that was due to the lawyer’s negligence, incompetence or corruption.

    No-one in their right mind would have bought a property burdened with a developer’s debt had they known.

    Even Antonis Loizou put his head above the parapet and spoke out about them – see Well meaning or crooked lawyers?.

  3. @John swift. What kind of a warning does that article state? NONE really! It contains personal opinions-assessments and inaccurate information. When have I mentioned that people should not be warned?? Warning and sabotaging are 2 different things. I do stick to the facts. That article is sabotaging yes.

    You can still safely purchase properties without title deeds if some requirements are met. Many developers have now settlement agreements for any memos or encumbrances on properties and properties are excluded from such encumbrances.

    How did you arrive to the conclusion that the solicitor is corrupt?

  4. JustSomeone, people need to be warned very forcefully about the possible problems (and there can be many), we went to Buy Sell with a list of 21 properties from their website. When told that we were only interested in properties with title deeds 17 disappeared.

    Had we not been forewarned we could have been left in a financial mess, this was at a time when a certain UK ex-pat forum owner was insisting that there could be no danger through not receiving your title deeds when your corrupt solicitor completed.

  5. See I am delighted to see such news.. So many online searches for the Cyprus Property Market..not appropriate to thrash it with the article ‘You have to be mad to buy a property in Cyprus’. A lot of those searches land on this website.. You could edit the website with a very clear and apparent ‘What to watch out for when buying property in Cyprus’. Make the people aware.

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