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Crocodiles will not sink teeth into new home

The proposal to build a 1,000 crocodile theme park at Psematismenos in the Larnaca district by a consortium of Israeli and Cypriot businessmen has been rejected by the House environment committee.

Crocodile-shaped pizza calzone

Crocodile-shaped pizza calzone

RESIDENTS of Psematismenos may be pleased to hear that 1,000 crocodiles will not be snapping up properties (or anything else) in the area after the House environment committee found the whole theme park idea ‘very suspicious’.

At the House committee meeting yesterday, officials from the local authority and environmentalists said 1,000 crocodiles was far too many and suspected the facility would be used breed the animals for their skins.

The Environment Commissioner, Ioanna Panayiotou, said that Nile crocodiles are a protected species under EU law and that the proposed farm posed a threat to the environment.

Most of the committee were concerned that a large number of crocodiles posed dangers to the environment and biodiversity and were worried about the potential safety issues.

A representative from the Interior Ministry noted that the proposed theme park was only 200 metres from a populated area and that not even a goat farm would be allowed that close.

Crocodile in Crete

Meanwhile a crocodile that mysteriously appeared in an artificial lake on the Greek island of Crete is proving to be elusive.

According to the Guardian newspaper the authorities engaged the services of the world’s greatest crocodile hunter Oliver Behra, but the 50-year old Frenchman failed to capture the beast when it emerged from foliage by the lake.

Believed to been abandoned, ‘Sifis’ as he is known, is becoming a popular tourist attraction and even has his own Facebook page.

Once captured, the authorities have plans to host ‘Sifis’ in the Crete aquarium.

One enterprising pizzeria owner in the city of Rethymno is serving crocodile shaped pizza calzone (see photo), which are being snapped up by his customers.

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  • Tilly says:

    Aaah. Bless you for the joy of a snappy article written clearly in the spirit of unholy glee.

  • DaveC says:

    This is a positive development.

    We already have quite enough crocodiles operating in the Cypriot property sector, so we don’t need any more thank you.

  • @Stuart on 2014/09/26 at 9:38 am – FX groan :-)

  • Richard says:

    At least a small shred of common sense still exists somewhere on the island.

  • Rosemarie Delaney says:

    Common sense has prevailed. Thank you members of the House Environmental Committee.

  • Mike says:

    Thank God for at least some common sense. A more preposterous idea I have yet to hear. If people want to see Nile Crocodiles then travel to the Nile. Just one more headline grabbing announcement that comes to nothing but probably does deflect public attention from other far more important issues.

  • Stuart says:

    Didn’t I say it would all end in tears?

  • Animal lover says:

    I am relieved that the well known Cypriot concern for the welfare of animals stopped this evil plan.

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