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Swiss Franc loans conference

A 4-day conference to tackle the problem of mis-sold Swiss Franc loans to purchase off-plan properties in Cyprus is to be held in Nicosia and Paphos between 2nd and 5th December.

THE ANGLO-HELLENIC and Cypriot Law Association, founded in 1987, is organising for the benefit of the people in Cyprus and the European buyers of holiday homes a conference on Loans in Swiss Francs, which will be held between 2nd-5th December 2014.

The conference will attempt to address the problem of granting loans in Swiss francs to consumers. Thousands of Cypriots and European citizens are trapped in loans granted by banks in Swiss francs.

The conference is organized by Dr. Katherine Alexander, a lawyer in England and Wales, as well as in Cyprus, founder of the European Institute in Nicosia, President of the Anglo-Hellenic and Cypriot Law Association, with vast experience in addressing, through legal measures, loans in Swiss francs in the UK and Cyprus.

The purpose of the conference is to provide information to consumers and to promote reforms at a European level through the participation of leading European lawyers as speakers. Speakers will make reference to cases won against foreign currency housing loans and personal loans. Reference will also be made banks towards borrowers.

The conference will be held in English.

For information, please contact the European Banking Reform Group:

Phone: +35722670607 Mobile: +35799128467 Calls from abroad: +442072636445

Email :


The European Banking Reform Group believes that the uncontrolled manner in which banks grant loans has created enormous legal, economic and social problems.

A fair and sensible solution must be found in relation to lending problems and the elimination of foreign currency loans. The Hungarian Government officially abolished loans in Swiss Francs and foreign currencies. Other governments should adopt this example.

View the Swiss Franc Loan Conference Programme.

Readers' comments

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  • @Dunn Good on 2014/11/13 at 3:12 pm – I’ve double checked the press release I received the email address is as I received it. I suggest you phone.

    Update – I’ve just received a revised email address –

  • Dunn Good says:

    I have tried to e-mail the above office and find out if the seminar will be recorded for those unable to get to Cyprus, or if it will be live streamed. However the e-mail has bounced back to me by `mail demon` unable to deliver. I did not miss-spell as I copied and pasted.

  • @Augean Stableson 2014/11/12 at 5:45 pm

    Yes – Dr Katherine Alexander, who is one of the organisers, is representing some of those who have been mis-sold.

  • Ann Byrne says:

    All we have left is hope! (Also from Scotland)

  • Augean Stables says:

    Are any of the lawyers, introducers etc. who are currently involved in advising the mis-sold, being invited to contribute ?

    What is the aim of this conference ? How will the findings be used to apply pressure ?

    It is very difficult to gauge how the legal claims are going and the quality of advice being given to people, both from Cypriot and UK lawyers in this area and there seems to be no forum where people can exchange views.

    I am unaware of any common ground being agreed between the various advisers on say jurisdiction, validity of Powers of Attorney or the grounds for miss-selling, whereby those looking for advice or currently in the Court process can gauge whether they should go all the way, or settle.

    Anything that continues to keep this in the public domain is certainly worthwhile, but unless a compensation ‘scheme’ can be agreed, it looks like someone or the fabled ‘300’ clients each adviser claims to have will have to go all the way to see what the outcome will be.

    We here in Scotland can but live in hope.

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