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Wednesday 15th July 2020
Home News Aristo trial in January (update)

Aristo trial in January (update)

Aristo trial in JanuaryTHE FOUR suspects in the Aristo land fraud case on Friday pleaded not guilty to the charges put before them and were ordered to stand trial before the Paphos Criminal Court on January 12.

During the pre-trial hearing on Friday, Assizes president Dora Socratous said that due to the bulk of evidence before the court the prosecution and defence must be given adequate time to prepare their cases.

Facing charges of corruption and fraud in the illegal division of 179 land plots in Paphos by the private company are head of Aristo Developers Theodoros Aristodemou, his wife Roulla, former city civil engineer Savvakis Savva and Aristo architect Christos Solomonides.

They are accused of forging topography documentation which allowed Aristo to develop on considerably larger land mass areas than it would have legally been entitled to, gaining the company some additional €1.1 million in illicit revenues.

The four defendants are facing 32 charges. However, the former municipal engineer is facing a further four charges relating to abuse of power.

All four defendants have surrendered their travel documents and their names have been added to a stop list.

Update 13th January

The start of the court case against Theodoros Aristodemou, his wife Roulla, former city civil engineer Savvakis Savva and Aristo architect Christos Solomonides has been postponed until 27 January.


  1. This is ridiculous. How many years should these criminals be allowed to prepare their cases; I am waiting for nearly 13 years and it shows that it is not long enough for the thieves, forgers and the land registry to prepare themselves. As for the very bad threats that I had and I reported them to the TAE in Nicosia nothing was done. I was told time and time again that if I continued demanding my land back I would be beaten up very badly by a very well known person in Cyprus that does such things. I left reality. I was in bed for two and a half years on heavy medication, I lost my job due to this and I am still taking tablets.

  2. I am still struggling to understand how Aristodemou, one of the “Untouchables”, has been treated in this way. My personal experience has been that Aristo Developers has been able to ignore with impunity both planning regulations and the written requirements of the Paphos Town Planning and apparently still be able to acquire title deeds. The size of the Green Areas is no more important than any other breach of planning permission, yet poor Mr A is suddenly being hauled over the coals; whatever next?

  3. Yep – probably just enough time to get all their assets off the island before receiving their paltry tap on the wrist “next time – don’t get caught” sentences next year.

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