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Our top 10 stories from Cyprus in 2014

Since the start of 2014 Cyprus Property News has attracted more than a million visitors and here is our list of the Top 10 stories that have attracted the most interest from our readers.

TRADITION dictates that as we approach the end of a year that we publish a summary of the top 10 stories and articles that we have published over the past 12 months.

This is not a subjective list, but a digest of the stories that you, the readers, clicked on the most on the Cyprus Property News website. Here is the countdown of this year’s top 10 stories:

At number 10: Paying Immovable Property Tax 2014 – Information from a senior officer at the Tax Office in Nicosia advising those without Title Deeds of the information needed by the Tax Office to calculate their Immovable Property Tax liability.

At number 9: Cyprus economy & real estate forecast 2014-2015 – A forecast by Leaf Research into the island’s economy and its property market for the year ahead – and its prospects for the future.

At number 8: Cyprus Title Deeds bank extortion – Daniel Hannan MEP raised a question in the European Parliament asking if the Commission was aware that receivers acting for banks are currently threatening buyers with selling their homes unless the buyers pay off the developers’ defaulted mortgages, their taxes and other creditors.

At number 7: Refunding developers’ Immovable Property Tax – Advice on how to handle the more nefarious developers who were making unreasonable demands for Immovable Property Tax from their clients.

At number 6: Permission granted for Oroklini theme park – The Disneyland-style theme park was in the news again when it was reported that the Government had granted permission for the construction of touristic village and a five star hotel set in 500,000 square metres of land.

At number 5: Immovable Property Tax Announcement – An announcement from the newly formed Tax Office, which resulted from the merger of the Inland Revenue Department and the VAT Service, on the payment of Immovable Property Tax for 2014.

At number 4: Immovable Property Tax payment and collections – An update of the Immovable Property Tax revenue collected by the Tax Department, which noted that only those with modest properties have paid at the time.

At number 3: Nigel Howarth meets the Troika – A report on the meeting I had with nine delegates from the Troika of Cyprus’ international lenders in May where we discussed many of the problems faced by those who have bought property on the island and who have yet to secure its Title Deed.

At number 2: Cyprus Immovable Property Tax 2014 – A summary of the changes made to the Immovable Property Tax law, which included the need for those without Title Deeds to pay the Immovable Property Tax directly to the Tax Office.

At number 1: Cyprus property valuations now online – A guide to finding out the revised valuation of properties, which have been published on the Department of Lands & Surveys website and which will be used for taxation purposes in 2015 (assuming that all goes according to plan).

May I take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and
health, happiness and success in 2015.

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Readers' comments

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  • Mike says:

    Nigel – I can only echo the sentiments of those before me. May I wish you and those closest to you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous, healthy and happy 2015. Many thanks for your efforts, they are appreciated.

  • Road Warrior says:

    Merry Christmas Nigel to you and yours, I can only echo the sentiments of many others in thanking you for your expertise, diligence and hard work for the assistance you offer to those in need. Here’s to a better 2015 for us all.

  • Ian says:

    Hi Nigel,
    As has been said, many thanks for the invaluable contribution that you have made to the sanity of the British community in Cyprus, and your tenacity and perseverance.

    Merry Christmas to you and Pat.

    Best wishes
    Ian and Lesley K.

  • John Swift says:

    Well done for your good work Nigel keep it up.

  • Deanna says:

    Another successful year bringing us regular and reliable news about the Cyprus property scams.
    Thank you Nigel; merry Christmas and we look forward to your publications in 2015.

  • Dear Nigel, Having previously read and absorbed all of your postings I must write to thank you for keeping us all informed on property, financial and political matters in this less than transparent island of Cyprus. May I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Finally you are to be congratulated on your continuing reporting on your website and on Facbook keeping us all in touch, well done.

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