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EU says ‘No’ to Limni golf courses

Cyprus is in trouble with the European Commission and has been warned to cancel the building permits for the two golf courses in the Limni area or face the possible consequences.

No to Limni golf courses CYPRUS is once again in hot water with the EU regarding conservation parks, after the European Commission sent an official letter to Nicosia on Wednesday telling the government to cancel building permits for two golf courses, scheduled to be built at the Limni area near the Akamas national park.

The Limni project Polis Chrysochous, developed by the Shacolas Group, also includes a five star hotel, a wellness centre, luxury residences, a historical museum and an information centre on the turtles, cycle paths, and a helipad.

The EU commission opposes the project, saying that the Limni area overlooking Morphou Bay is part of the Natura 2000 network of nature protection areas.

Cyprus was cautioned to respect the Natura 2000 guidelines and asked for a conservation study to be commissioned on the effects of the project to the surrounding area, something that was bypassed by the state during the final days of the Christofias administration in order to speed up the process.

According to the letter, Cyprus has two months to comply, or face the possibility that the case being sent to the European court.

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  • Mr Cullen says:

    So why not build the one that was proposed at Tersefanou, or is that also a no go, despite all the properties that were built in the area with the promise of the golf course.

  • Peter Howard says:

    Steve – good comment and bizarre that the EU objects to this project – but cannot even get its location correct !

    Deanna – why is this a scam ? You also comment that this project is for personal gain! I do not know any working person or businessman that does not work for personal gain – let alone somebody who is prepared to invest 1 billion Euros!! Of course they are looking to make a profit.

    I am horrified at some of the developments that have been built here in Cyprus, particularly in Paphos, however I have studied the plans for this development, and it will be high quality with full regard to the environment, and the local community.

    Please note that this was an abandoned mine, in a quiet secluded valley, with large quantities of contaminated waste – now removed. It will create more than 500 jobs in this quiet area, as well as being a big boost to the local economy. Polis and Latchi are very quiet in the winter with many restaurants shops and bars shut and the staff without jobs. 2 high quality golf courses will mean all year around business as the winter is the perfect time for tourists to visit Cyprus and play golf. The onsite desalination plant will provide water to the golf course as well as the surrounding area.

    Too many Nimbys come to Cyprus and want to see the locals picking olives and oranges and riding donkeys again !! High quality projects like this at Limni are the future of the Island and the local Cypriot population

  • Steve says:

    Limni is situated on Chrysochous Bay between Polis and Argaka. I know the EU is thought capable of miracles by some, but Morphou Bay is in the territory occupied by Turks and Turkish Cypriots and is in no way overlooked by Limni. All this is in agreement with the name of the project and the location described in previous reports in Cyprus Property News.

    Finally, Cyprus is a small island so not much is far from the Akamas. A relative comparison in the UK would be to say that London is near to Brighton. References to the “Akamas National Park” are often seen in Estate agents’ windows and property developers’ advertisements, but it has to my knowledge never been proclaimed a national park, despite many years of lobbying by conservationists, due to the government’s reluctance to upset the landowners who have designs to build there some day. Between Limni and the Akamas lie such developments as the Anassa Spa luxury hotel and a whole host of housing projects.

    I’m puzzled to say the least, but I must not forget that this is Cyprus and I shouldn’t expect to understand everything; or maybe to understand much at all. By the way I am not enthusiastic about a golf course development in Limni, but the locals need the tourists and the jobs.

  • Deanna says:

    Good, glad it’s been stopped. It was a scam anyway i.e. for ‘golf course’ (which no-one would object to), read ‘development of luxury housing, spa, hotel etc. etc.

    A deceitful way of pouring yet more concrete over this green and pleasant land – for personal gain.

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