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Ayia Napa marina construction starting soon

The construction of the marina at Ayia Napa, which is expected to cost around €220 million, is anticipated to start in early April according to an announcement by the mayor Yiannis Karousos.

Ayia Napa Marina – Source G. Caramondanis Investments Ltd

CONSTRUCTION works for the new Ayia Napa marina are expected to start in the beginning of April, Mayor Yiannis Karousos announced on Monday.

“The process for the construction of the marina is progressing according to existing schedules. Expressions of interest from companies was a great success after more than 30 companies showed interest,” the mayor stated, adding that 12 companies would be bidding in the end.

February 15 is the due date for submission of the tenders which will be evaluated, Karousos said.

“According to our calculations they will be expected to sign the relevant contracts in late March and in early April the work which is anticipated not only by Ayia Napa but indeed the whole of Cyprus will begin,” he added.

He said the companies would include bids from Cyprus and abroad.

The project also includes villas, apartments, restaurants, bars, shops, cafés and boutiques, as well as a square for holding events. The marina will be able to berth 600 vessels with a length of up to 60 metres and support work on minor repairs and servicing, he said.

During the construction of the marina, which is expected to last about three years, 800 jobs will be created with the majority of employees consisting of people of the region, while 350 people will be needed for the marina’s operation.

The vast complex is going to be built in the area between the Ayia Thekla chapel and Makronisos beach.

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  • Willbeg says:

    The days of Europeans buying or holidaying in Cyprus are numbered anyhow. As well as getting ripped off, its to close to the upheaval across the water in Syria. Just a matter of time before something happens in Cyprus.

  • Julie says:

    This is what Cyprus does, it can not sort out their title deeds, so start another project and spend millions, to build something and hoping someone will buy the apartments, but will they get there deeds as thousands of many English do not, what do they care it’s their bank accounts they want to be fat and happy, why don’t they sort out the one item title deeds, and get back to building Cyprus strong. It’s a sad case… no one will invest in villas any more until they come down in price, as many other country’s are much cheaper to buy.

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