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Ayia Napa marina revised plans

Ayia Napa is one step closer to getting its marina after the project’s revised planning permit was approved and, with other works planned for the town, it will greatly benefit the area’s economy.


Ayia Napa Marina – Source: SmithGroup JJR

THE HIGHLY-ANTICIPATED start of construction works for the development of the Ayia Napa Marina is a step closer following the approval of a revised permit from the Planning Authority.

The approval, along with other issues, were discussed in a meeting between the Mayor Ayia Napa Yiannis Karousos and Stavros Caramondanis and Haris Koureas, representing ?.?. Makronisos Marina Ltd, the investment company leading the development of the marina.

The ambitious project, which is expected to change not only the face of tourism in the region but also of Cyprus in general, is moving ahead as tenders have also been submitted for the construction of the marina.

The approval of the revised planning permit relates to additional upgrades to the existing project, and the official start of construction works is expected soon.

Speaking after the meeting, Karousos expressed his satisfaction at the progress of the project.

“The approval of the revised planning permit for the marina -our marina- brings a lifelong dream for the development of Ayia Napa one step closer to reality. Along with other that we promoting, we are confident that the marina will give a huge lift to the region and to the municipality of Ayia Napa, as it will have a positive multiplier impact on the local economy, strengthening businesses and creating new job opportunities”.

“Having followed all the necessary procedures, we are now very close to the launch of the Ayia Napa Marina project works”, said Stavros Caramondanis, CEO of ?.?. Makronisos Marina Ltd. “Today’s meeting is testament to the hard work and meticulous planning put into the project, as well as to the excellent and mutual cooperation between the private and public sectors.”

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  • Deanna says:

    And – adding to Uboat’s post, let’s hope that, 10yrs or so ahead this isn’t making headlines as another tenderings makeover like the Pafos and Larnaca waste scandal.

  • Uboat says:

    Well I cant wait ……………

    Seems to me they can push through things like that but just down the road they cant push the greedy untrusted developers to even finish projects that should have been completed 15 years ago ……

    That looks very close to Ayia Thekla Beach which will definitively be spoilt by this IF it starts ….

    I assume they will grind more of the sea bed away to create the big beach and damage more wild life in the process….. But Hey this is Cyprus and where money making schemes are concerned there are NO barriers that cant be removed …..

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