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Fundamental planning reforms

Cyprus planning reforms underway FUNDAMENTAL reforms are planned to Cyprus’ time consuming and complex procedures involved with the licensing and control of building development, according to a recent announcement by the Interior Ministry.

The Ministry is working with the Austrian Finance Ministry to develop proposals and recommendations based on best international practices, which are expected to be completed by the end of July 2017. These will rationalise: Planning and Building Permits, Certificates of Approval, the enforcement of building control, the issuance of Title Deeds; they will also include the oversight of projects and take into account environmental considerations.

Earlier this month experts from overseas held intensive talks with government agencies and stakeholders including: the Public Administration Reform, Department of Planning and Housing, Department of Lands and Surveys, Department of Environment, Water Development Department, Fire Department, CTO, Energy Service, Labour Inspection Department, Union of Municipalities, ETEK, Associations scientists engineers, Federation of Building Contractors Associations of Cyprus, Planning Authorities, Building Authorities, Cyprus Land and Building Developers Association, CCCI, OEB, Water Boards, Sewerage Boards, etc.

The present discrete systems for obtaining planning permission and building buildings will be rationalised into a new simplified system to be operated by a single authority in each of the island’s districts.

The ministry acknowledges that these fundamental reforms will be difficult and complex, but vital for the future development of the island. If it succeeds, the ministry considers that the reforms will help boost the economy as building permissions will probably increase.