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1st October 2022
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Unlicensed pool owners in hot water

Swimming pool safety in Cyprus holiday homes AUDITOR General Odysseas Michaelides has sounded the alarm over unlicensed swimming pools and petrol stations around Cyprus, calling on the police to intervene.

According to his annual report, 241 of the 297 swimming pools in Paralimni, for example, are being used without a licence. On an island-wide level, that figure rises to 780 out of 1,166 swimming pools. Also included in this group are 141 of the 219 swimming pools in Paphos, 99 of the 207 in Ayia Napa, 140 of the 161 swimming pools in Yermasogeia, 64 of the 90 in Peyia and 11 of the 23 under Limassol Municipality’s jurisdiction.

Michaelides’ report also noted that 31 swimming pools used by the public as opposed to just home owners and their guests were operating under an irregular licensing procedure as they did not fulfil all the relevant criteria as laid out by the law.

Due to the serious safety concerns arising from the issue, Michaelides called on the police to intervene and bring the owners to justice.

When it comes to petrol stations, 66 of the 201 situated within municipal limits are also operating without a relevant license, Michaelides also noted in his report.

He said another 11 of the 201 were operating under an irregular licensing procedure as they too did not fulfil the relevant requirements of the law.

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  1. The police in Peyia cannot keep up with cars speeding along the St georges road from Coral bay and all the fly tipping along the coast at sea caves.

    By all means check the petrol stations , may be you could stop people smoking and talking on their phones as they fill up!!

  2. In my opinion, if The Republic of Cyprus adopted a sensible approach to Complex swimming pools as suggested by the E.U. several years ago, they wouldn’t have so many problems now. Asking a handful of people to run their pool along the lines of a public pool, with all the associated costs involved, is ridiculous! Small wonder people try to circumnavigate these draconian rules! One could argue that these laws actually interfere with a person’s right to enjoy their property unimpeded!

    That is why some people empty their pools in order to escape these rules because they cannot afford them but, when it rains the water becomes stagnant absent owners are unaware of what is happening. If they law was sensible they wouldn’t feel the need to empty their pools in the first place!

    Instead of spending time trying to put the screws on complex owners they would be better served getting to grips with out of date laws!

  3. How serious is this study?
    In Paphos
    141 unlicensed pools / 219
    99 / 207
    it does not make sense!

    I took the decision to sell my small property in Kato-Paphos, having the Title Deed but no more finding the charm of old peaceful times…

    Ed: I’ve found the original news item in Greek – Γενικός Ελεγκτής: Πισίνες και Βενζινάδικα χωρίς άδεια. It’s 99 of the 207 pools in Ayia Napa. (I’ve corrected the article)

  4. Have there been any accidents in these pools? Would be better to teach the children to swim rather than sending police to enforce some silly political rules.

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