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Wednesday 19th May 2021
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Zyprus: Cyprus property portal

THE RECENTLY launched Cyprus property portal Zyprus offers those wishing to buy, sell or rent a property on the island a comprehensive set of easy to use tools to help them make better-informed property decisions.

Zyprus is the first on-line real estate database in Cyprus where estate agents can list properties, which visitors view on a map showing their location. This type of technology was first used by Zillow in the USA and then Zoopla in the UK, which launched its website in 2008.

Unlike Zoopla, which only lists residential properties, Zyprus provides a comprehensive property database that includes residential properties (houses and apartments), offices, shops, industrial, entire buildings and land.

To find properties for sale or rent using Zyprus, just key in the name of the town, village or area where you’re looking to buy or rent and search. All the properties for sale (or rent) in the area that are held in the database are shown on a zoomable Google map.

Details of local services such as schools, food stores, dining places, pharmacies, clinics and other medical facilities can also be shown on the map to give prospective purchasers or renters a better idea of what’s available in the area.

Zyprus: Google map searchProperty hunters can also draw an area on the map (as I have done in the picture above) to show properties for sale or rent in that area.

Zyprus’ additional features

Zyprus has many other useful features. For example:

  • Travel time search helps those looking for property within a reasonable commute to their workplace, university, college etc.
  • ZyEstimate gives a rough estimate of its market and rental value in many cases. And those looking to sell or rent can also search for properties in their area to look at market and rental values of properties similar to theirs.

But arguably the biggest benefit of Zyprus is that those looking to buy or rent a property no longer have to search through dozens of estate agent websites – all the properties can be found on Zyprus.

At the time of writing this article more than 30 registered estate agencies have listed more than 2,500 properties on Zyprus; I’m sure that many more will sign up in the very near future.


  1. Just one word: finally!

    @Cecil Habib, I’m not an expert by any means, but from my 2-3 days of browsing the website it is quite evident that all properties listed on Zyprus are not from Zyprus themselves but by actual agents. Perhaps they should stress that more to avoid confusion.

    I can also see the option to register as a “Seller” in their registration page, which seems to be what you are looking for, but that seems to be under development—in such cases I’d just contact them directly to get a clear answer.

    Ed: It states clearly in the second paragraph “Zyprus is the first on-line real estate database in Cyprus where estate agents can list properties, which visitors view on a map showing their location”. It also states in the first line of the article that Zyprus is a “property portal”.

  2. The Zyprus website seems to be designed only for those seeking to buy or rent and not for those wishing to list their properties for sale.

  3. Can you confirm how I can advertise my house on Zyprus and is there a fee?

    Ed: I suggest you contact Zyprus via their website.

  4. Does this website supply completed sale prices from the Land Registry as Zoopla does in the UK.
    I assume not in order that the estimated values it does provide are unable to be disputed.

    Ed: Unfortunately, unlike the Land Registry in the UK, the Land Registry in Cyprus is not open for inspection.

  5. Can I, as a private individual, place a for sale listing on your web site?

    Ed: It isn’t my website – I suggest that you get in touch with Zyprus.

  6. It would be very helpful if Cyprus property owners could list their property for sale on Zyprus, so they don’t have to pay the huge 5% commission to estate agents. That is one thing that needs to be reduced, in Cyprus. Especially now that property owners have lost so much money on their property.


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