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Paphos residents fear landslide

Residents and businesses in the Mousallas area of Paphos are concerned that their properties could be damaged by a landslide as huge rocks are moving down the hillside above them.

Paphos residents fear landslide

PAPHOS authorities are taking urgent action following complaints from residents and businesses in the Mousallas area of Paphos that they fear land movement and piles of rocks tumbling down the hillside onto their properties below.

“Many cracks appeared on the roads and as soon as this was brought to our attention we took the initiative to call for tenders from civil engineers, geologists and other experts, as this could prove dangerous and the situation is unpredictable,” Paphos councillor Andreas Chrysanthou, also a member of the tender committee of Paphos municipality, told the Cyprus Mail.

He added that the committee is currently preparing terms for urgent studies to be carried out on the popular hillside on which homes, restaurants and roads are all built. The area also includes the Bishopric of Paphos.

In addition to the cracks appearing on the cliff side, secretary of the Paphos Green party, Andreas Evlavis said they had received many calls from distressed residents, deeply concerned about their safety as huge rocks on the hillside above their homes are starting to slide down.

“The rocks are unstable and I believe an old problem, a number of years ago the area was piled up and mesh was placed around them, but some are already close to falling. It needs specialist to investigate what is wrong and to find a solution,” he said.

He added that preventative measures must be taken before anything terrible occurs which could even result in the loss of life.

“Many people live all over this hillside and it’s close to a number of main roads, an earthquake or heavy rain could result in there being a lot of victims. The area urgently needs greater protection,” he said.

He added that in the last few days, part of a restaurant parking area had to be cordoned off as cracks were so large.

Chrysanthou said these cracks have now been filled but added that this is only a temporary fix ahead of a more permanent solution.

“We will have to wait until we know the results of the specialist studies but whatever action is recommended and necessary, we will take. The safety of our citizens is paramount,” he said.

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  • Sylvia Baxter says:

    As a resident in the stricken area in Pissouri, I can only hope that they receive more than the empty promises we have had. Still more damage occurring in our area and more and more buck passing. We get fobbed off, lied to. And no help forthcoming.

  • Steve says:

    Is Marathounda in that area?

    Ed: No Marathounda is about 9km from Mousallas. You can check using Google Maps

  • Robert. Briggs says:

    Which “Authority” gave permission to build on this section of land?
    Knowing that it was unstable from day one!
    If folk are not very careful in considering buying land and / or property here in Cyprus (or the likes of Spain etc,) they can end up in a total nightmare with their lives and future in ruins.
    Who are the developers, surveyors, engineers, architects lawyers and sales agents, responsible for this scandal??

    Ed: Please refer to my article ‘Down the slippery slope‘, which explains who is responsible for what.

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