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Mixed views on crocodile park

The 500 people who attended a meeting last night to discuss the proposed crocodile park near the Achna reservoir had mixed views on the proposal put forward by the Israeli firm TSA Crocopark.

Mixed views on crocodile park THE RESIDENTS of the Achna forest settlement in the Dhekelia British base are divided over a project to build a crocodile park near their community.

Some 500 people took part in a community meeting last evening to discuss the issue, with about one half supporting the park and the other raising objections.

Officials of the Israeli firm TSA Crocopark, which has proposed establishing a park hosting 150 crocodiles near the Achna reservoir, and the community council presented their plans saying that the park will attract people to the area and generate income for the community.

Those who objected raised security concerns and dangers to the public and the environment. They also protested that the residents were not consulted before the decision was made by the community council to build the crocodile park at an estimated cost of over €1 million.

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  • Viennese says:

    Crooks motivation only to bring crocodiles to Cyprus. There are already too many of this kind of rats and Men eaters, as Officials, Lawyers and developers…

  • embapaphos says:

    crooked developers bankers lawyers and state officials are more likely to cost you arm and leg …..

  • Harry Carlisle says:

    Having visited a large Crocodile park near Madras India which was surrounded by a concrete wall about 1.5 mtrs height which I could look over. I asked the guide what did they feed them on I was told RATS. For anyone who was fool enough to go over the wall I doubt if they would ever have returned. they were so carefully hidden the guide had to point them out to our party.

    If anyone wants crocodile steaks to eat I suggest they request the supermarkets to import them.

    Great thought should be considered for this Tourist attraction.

  • Robert Briggs says:

    Why does this Council wish to build this Crocodile Park, which will cost the local tax payers over One Million Euros?

    Especially when this Crocodile Park will use vast amounts of fresh water from the adjacent Achna reservoir to keep it going!

    This beggars belief in Cyprus where because of climate change? rainfall appears to be less & less every year, with Cyprus being semi arid at the best of times!

    Ed: The investors are paying for the park – not the local taxpayers.

  • Dundee says:

    The Israelis are looking for a cash hungry Mug (No prizes for guessing who).
    Nile crocodiles are an invasive egg laying species responsible for hundreds of human deaths every year.
    I can’t wait for something to go wrong 🙂

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