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Limassol rent price protest

More than 1,000 Limassolians and others are expected to gather in front of the Limassol District Administration Offices in Anexartisias Street on June 23rd at 18:00 to protest against the exorbitant rent prices in Limassol.

Although residential property rents have been rising across Cyprus, Limassol has been particularly affected with rents sky rocketing in recent times.

Organised by the Limassol initiative group the protestors will be calling for an end to “the socially and ecologically disastrous policies that render our town liveable only for the financially privileged groups of citizens.”

They are saying NO to:

And are demanding:

The initiative group considers that “these problems are interconnected. High-rise buildings, astronomical rents and the commercialization of public space are phenomena directly related to the economic crisis.

“The ‘development’ of the towers is not taking place on behalf of the citizens but against them, to extract more profits for the developer-lawyer-public official-complex. This kind of ‘development’ excludes the lower and financially vulnerable social strata from their right to the city.”

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