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High-rise developments coming to Paphos

The Paphos Municipality has given the green light for the construction of two twenty storey high-rise buildings in the tourist area of the town on land close to the Aloe Hotel on Poseidonos Avenue.

Cyprus: High-rise developments coming to Paphos THE PAPHOS Municipality’s Town Planning Committee of the Paphos Municipality has given the green light for permits to be issued for the construction of two 20-storey high-rise buildings on Poseidonos Avenue next to the Aloe Hotel.

The development will include a green space of 3,000sqm. and a public car park for 150 vehicles. The intention is to build two high-rise blocks of luxury apartments, shops and houses.

The Planning Committee has also given the go-ahead for the construction of three further multi-storey buildings. Two of these will be built by Leptos in the hospital area of 8 and 10 storeys respectively, and a further 12-storey building by another company in the Tomb of the Kings area.

An application by Aristo to build a 14-storey building at Evagoras Pallikarides Avenue in the city centre was put on hold due to reservations expressed by some planning committee members who asked for more time to study the application.

We understand that ten applications for high-rise developments in Paphos have been submitted and that more are expected.

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  • Gary says:

    Seems a worrying development. Do you want Paphos to be unique, have it’s own selling point, or do you want it to look like every other mass tourist holiday destination? You cannot turn the clock back if/when the tourists turn their back on Paphos.

  • Johannes says:

    High-rise in Paphos? Have I missed anything?

  • Deanna says:

    How dare they build near Tomb of the Kings.

    Totally disgusted with this government now, all they think about is €€€€€€€€s never mind they’re destroying the heritage of their children.

    Now that’s made me Mrs Grumpy for the rest of the day…

    Please will ‘someone’ stand-up to these plotters and destroyers??

  • Martyn says:

    Robert good point but I doubt it knowing the slippery government they will build a cheap as possible, sell as much as possible then it’s all down to the owners to face huge bills for maintenance, repairs and and faults.

    Buyers beware I finally sold my property this month after loosing 50% of its value and being scammed on everything for the past 15 years.

    Cyprus was great until they joined the Euro.

  • Robert. Briggs says:

    Ok, however has the local earthquake factors been taken into account, regarding these high rise concrete constructions?

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