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Planning issues the victim has to pay

Cyprus: Title deeds and planning issues ALTHOUGH amendments to the Trapped Buyers law may help those deceived into buying property built on land that its developer had earlier mortgaged to the bank to get their Title Deeds, planning infringements remain a serious problem.

Planning infringements are shown on Title Deeds as notes of unauthorised works and indicate that the developer has failed to comply the conditions set out in the planning and building permits authorised for the development’s construction.

These planning infringements must be corrected before the ‘notes’ can be removed and a ‘clean’ Title Deed issued.

And herein lies the gross injustice. The developer responsible for causing the planning infringements gets off scot-free – and it’s left to the property buyer to pay for any remedial work and then sue the developer to recover their money!

Furthermore, some notes require remedial work to be carried out before the purchaser, who now owns the property, can use it as collateral for a loan or sell it on the open market.

A double whammy! (four actually):

The simplest solution to this gross injustice is for the planning authority to impose fines on the ‘criminal’ sufficient to pay for the remedial work required to remove the ‘note’ from the deed, plus a further amount to dissuade the ‘crook’ from repeating his misdemeanours.

Planning infringements

Planning infringements come in all shapes and sizes:

The list is endless!

It goes without saying that buying a property in Cyprus without a ‘clean’ Title Deed is a big mistake.