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18th January 2022
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Group challenges Limassol high rise towers

THE LIMASSOL Municipality’s decision to grant a planning permit for the high rise NEO project is being challenged by the Ipatia Initiative Group, on grounds of the negative impact on their quality of life and the general environment.

The NEO development by Pafilia comprises four high rise towers of 40, 34, 34 and 29 storeys respectively, four shops and three cafe-restaurants and provide 353 residential apartments and parking for 1405 vehicles.

The group commissioned a study by experts to assess the impact of the high rise buildings on their quality of life, the impact of local amenities as well as the impact on the environment and the landscape. The experts concluded that:

  • The quality of life of residents living in the area will be adversely affected during construction works and the operation of the project. This was mainly due to a significant increase in noise, dust and air pollution, traffic congestion and volume and loss of privacy.
  • The general landscape will also suffer a significant degradation; most notably the public garden, the coast and a number of listed buildings, including the Limassol Historical Archive and the Limassol Municipal Gallery.
  • The inadequate management of bathing water at the local beach and the general Limassol Bay area and the anticipated dumping of large quantities of brackish water and mud directly into the sea during the construction of the high rise development.

The Ipatia group’s legal challenge included an application to suspend planning permission began in May and is on-going.


  1. Oh I do wish this proactive group all the very best to get the result we ALL want.

    Greed is annihilating this once beautiful island. Shame on all the government ministers backing it.

  2. As one of hundreds of Protesters some 15 months ago, about this Huge and ridiculously sized and located development I can only Praise the further actions now being taken.

    Assuming that somehow this grossly huge and hideously located development managed to get Full Planning Consents (did it,? If so why? how?, who?) I reckon the entire project should be Stopped, NOW! Then Reconsidered and either: abandoned altogether – or down-sized and redesigned more in keeping with the lovely buildings, park, existing residences, adjacent park and zoo -so as to fit onto the very large development site, which is located right next to a busy 4 lane highway, some fine established public buildings and amenities, with local and main roads already normally carrying very heavy traffic and also close to once attractive beaches….. The aspects of sea water, quality and completely inadequate planning about already often badly soiled water right in front of this hideously large development suggest that this entire project be stopped, re-assessed, re-designed in keeping with the otherwise existing attractive residential, public and sea-front areas.

    I have no idea as to potential demand for the existing mammoth development of these properties, if ever completed..but many suggest they will be very likely be acquired by high-net-worth individuals living probably far away from Cyprus, therefore potentially very likely to leave properties vacant for many months, seasons of the year. Service charges, upkeep, often vacant apartments? NOT in most people’s views what Limassol needs.

    Like many, MANY others I say STOP the current early-Stage development, NOW, seriously reconsider the land, location, use, and, if necessary hold a full public inquiry and produce something more valuable and sensible In size, use and public accord to fit the needs of the local population, road and beach users well into the future.

  3. Limassol is becoming to overcrowded with high rise buildings. The quality of life for those that live around the areas of these buildings is becoming unhealthy. It appears that money comes first and not us locals who have to put up with dust, noise and outlandish high prices. Enough us enough.

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