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Paphos marina may have cruise ship facilities

Paphos marina may have cruise ship facilities THE CABINET has given the go ahead for a new study that will look into building cruise ship facilities as part of the proposed Paphos marina at Kissonerga Potima Bay.

(The possibility of building facilities for cruise ships as part of a proposed Paphos marina was given a positive reception when it was discussed at a meeting in July.)

Following the meeting, Deputy Tourism Minister Savvas Perdios said the official announcement for the tender to prepare the study would be made in the next two to three weeks.

The first part of the study will focus on whether the development of the marina should be combined with cruise ship facilities or whether only the marina should be constructed.

After this is completed, the results will be presented to the cabinet, Perdios said.

The second part will be about defining the terms of reference for the construction of the project.

The government has over many years invited and rejected tenders for the construction of the project.

Paphos marina: background

Since an initial study was carried out more than 30 years ago, the Paphos marina project has been stalled by bureaucracy and legal battles.

In 2008 the contract was initially awarded to the Cybarco Pandora consortium of which the Leptos Group was a member. The two other bidders, Poseidon and Pafilia, contested the award claiming that the Cybarco Pandora consortium used insider information that enabled it to bid a lower figure.

Eventually, in May 2016, the marina contract was awarded to the Poseidon consortium following a legal battle. Although the consortium secured a letter from the Bank of Cyprus in which the bank guaranteed to fund the entire project, Poseidon was unable to demonstrate that it had €122 million or 60 per cent of the total project cost of €215 million.

In 2017 Pafilia Developers, which was next on the list of tenders, was invited to tender for the marina’s construction and operation.

Then, in 2018, the Supreme Court upheld an appeal by the Poseidon consortium that the committee responsible for overseeing the Paphos marina tender process was unlawful.

In July 2018 the contract to build the Paphos marina was awarded to Pafilia by the ‘new’ Marina Management Committee.

But in October 2018, Pafilia decided to withdraw its interest.