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Saturday, May 30, 2020
Home Legal Matters Law to evict tenants to parliament

Law to evict tenants to parliament

MPs on Wednesday wrapped up discussion on an amendment of the rent control law that makes it easier for landlords to evict tenants, a difficult task at present.

The head of the House legal affairs committee, DISY MP Giorgos Georgiou said after Wednesday’s meeting that consultations on the bill tabled by his party have been completed and that an amendment by main opposition AKEL stipulating that the eviction deadline for shops is set to two months and three months for residences has been adopted.

The bill will be tabled to the House plenum on Friday, he said.

The amendment provides that any tenant who fails to pay their rent for four months will be given a 21-day written warning to meet their obligations.

If they fail to do so, the owner can launch the eviction process by filing an application with the court registrar.

From that moment, the tenant has 14 days to present the payment receipts. If not, the court will have three days to decide if it will accept the property owner’s eviction request or not. If yes, then the eviction procedure will begin, Georgiou said.

The amendment, if passed by plenum, would make it easier for landlords to evict delinquent tenants, a near-impossible feat at present.

Editor’s note

The Rent Control Law of 1983 is applicable for tenancies of residential and commercial properties that were built before 31 December 1999 in “Controlled Areas”.


  1. This is step forward, but the bill must be amended to cover landlord’s who own property and is not covered by the Rent Control Law of 1983. What happens to all the newer Buildings build after December 31st 1999? Why are they not protected and what about all the other properties which are not part of the Rent controlled area? There is a vast amount of Rental Income lost due to tenants’ default to pay their rent and investors’ disappointment and frustration in receiving their rental income.

    Once again this is a step forward, but I believe is only a very small minority of the whole rental property industry that is covered by this bill.

    Ed: I totally agree with you Stelios. One particular case comes to mind that took an owner four years to get his non-paying tenants evicted. But before they left they trashed his property and they then fled the country.

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