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Decision soon on Pissouri homes devastated by landslide

Pissouri landslide victims
Devastated: Some of the stricken Pissouri residents whose homes are collapsing as a result of a landslide.

THE GOVERNMENT said Monday it will soon have in hand the recommendations of experts concerning the landslide in the area of Pissouri, which has seriously damaged dozens of properties there throughout the years.

Speaking in parliament, Interior Minister Nicos Nouris said they already have a preliminary report on the situation in Pissouri. Experts and officials from the Geological Survey Department have been asked to read the report and give some further feedback; this is expected to occur by July 22.

Once the experts have weighed in, the ministry will be in a position to announce the timeframe and a road map for any corrective actions.

Nouris described the situation as a major stabilisation project, pledging that the government is determined to move ahead with the residents’ safety being the top priority.

Pissouri community leader Lazaros Lazarou expressed satisfaction, noting that “perhaps for the first time ever, the state is taking the matter seriously.”

For his part, Akel MP Giorgos Georgiou said the preliminary study commissioned by the government provides for three scenarios.

The first involves the construction of embankments on the south-eastern side of the area in question. In the second, likewise the construction of embankments coupled with some land expropriations.

Under the third scenario, residents would abandon the area altogether and be compensated.

No insurance company will insure against landslide damage and the properties in Pissouri were built by different developers.

Many of the affected homes have virtually collapsed, the result of a continuous and accelerating landslide, and a number of residences are deemed unfit for habitation. Homes and gardens are ripped apart, walls and pools are collapsing and roads split, buckled and impassable.

Previously, the government had ruled out direct compensation to the affected property owners, because that would be tantamount to an admission of responsibility by the state.

Editor’s comments

There have been many mis-leading statements in the local media pointing the finger of blame at poor design and construction of the affected properties, underground lakes, poor ground conditions, etc. An independent study commissioned by the Pissouri Community Council clearly demonstrate that the people making these comments are ‘strangers to the truth’.

A local Greek language newspaper demanded €2000 to publish a letter correcting a fake news story it published in March.


  1. When will people learn. Give up any hope of any help from Cyprus to get things done. Get on with what you have got left of your life. This is not a defeatist attitude.

    I too have been involved with something similar in Cyprus and it has made me so ill. The Cypriot government bodies are world famous in the art of delaying things.

    My situation has been going on for 15 years and I am no further forward. All they do is sweep it under the carpet and one day it will be gone. Once you have passed on, your family will not be allowed to carry on the cause.

    These situations have caused illness through stress and I understand in more than one case divorce procedures are ongoing.

    Its a sad situation.

  2. After all these years fighting for some justice, I am not holding my breath Nigel. If we had been listened too at the start, the damage would not have been so great and people’s lives and sanity would be in a much better place. The stress of living in this nightmare has taken its toll on many of us.

    • Dear Sylvia – I’ve been following this situation since the first meeting of PHIG in July 2015. I’m aware of the stress, anguish and the health issues this situation has caused people in Pissouri who have been affected by the landslide, some of whom I know very well. We can only hope that the disgraceful situation will soon be resolved and those affected will be properly compensated for their loss and their distress.

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