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12th August 2022
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Hope for Pissouri landslide victims

The Interior Ministry has announced that work will start in 2021 to stabilise the landslide in Pissouri, which has damaged and destroyed many dozens of properties in Limnes and other areas.

In a press release, the Interior Minister noted that the ground affected by the landslide continues to move by 8 cm/month and that the work in needed primarily to ensure the safety of residents and that the project is unprecedented for Cyprus.

Following his visit to the site yesterday, Interior Minister Nicos Nouris advised that a study of the area had recommended excavations of up to 39 metres plus the construction of piles in attempts to stabilise the areas affected by the landslide. In addition, a rainwater drainage system and a sewerage system will be built.

Land will need to be expropriated by the state and, at the end of the project, there’s an intention to build community projects including sports facilities.

The final report detailing the action to be taken is expected to be submitted in January 2021 at which time the government will invite tenders for the project.

The cost of the project is expected to exceed €33 million and it’s unlikely that it will be completed before the end of 2022.

Instructions have already been given for periodic inspections of the landslide affected areas and an evacuation plan has been produced.

In his closing statement minister Nicos Nouris noted that “For the government, the security of the residents of the country is paramount, regardless of any expense and cost”.

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  1. The often referred to evacuation plan has still not been provided to the Village Council, and is still therefore still not available to the residents.

    There was supposed to be a plan available 2 years ago. The village council were made aware of its alleged existence then. Despite their efforts and ours, it has still not materialised. Access to our homes is becoming more and more difficult everyday.

    If this evacuation plan really has been produced, where is it. Who is responsible for producing it. We need to be told.

    Many Pissourians lives may depend on it.

  2. One can but hope that this is not yet another false dawn. The then Minister promised €20 million in September 2015 and then did nothing.

    The timescale of the proposed works will inevitably be extended – possibly into 2025 or 26.

    The Government should therefore grasp the nettle and compulsory purchase all of the homes in the unstable area. Engineers will then have a clear area in which to carry out necessary stabilisation works. The area should then be left fallow or used for “green” purposes – perhaps as a public park.

  3. I wonder why the minister said it would be irresponsible to talk about compensation. Is it because they haven’t worked out yet how to not pay it? Like most people I cant help thinking of the way Cyprus has dealt with Conner O’dwyer and the treatment of that young girl that was raped by those Israeli thugs.

  4. Good news indeed – if it actually happens. I trust that the homeowners will also be fully compensated at current values for their devastating losses?

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