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4th December 2021
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Cyprus property sales recovery continues

The positive trend in the number property sales in Cyprus continued in May with the number of contracts deposited at Land Registry offices up by 81% compared to May 2020 and up 36% year-on-year.

This increase in sales is not particularly surprising when you consider that 12 months ago Cyprus was in total lockdown because of the COVID pandemic. Cyprus went into a nationwide lockdown on 24 March 2020 and did not reopen its airports to commercial flights until 9 June.

What is more notable is that, according to Land Registry figures, property sales have almost recovered to their 2018 levels when 3,612 sales were achieved in the first five months of the year.

Paphos is struggling due to the fall in non-EU citizens buying property.

Total Property Sale Transactions
Total Property Sale Transactions – 2020/2021 Comparison

Domestic property sales

Property sales to the domestic market in May rose by 123% compared to the same month last year.

Sales to the domestic housing market have been encouraged by government incentives such as the interest subsidy scheme and historically low interest rates at around 2.5%.

However, the figures will include an unknown number of ‘non-sale’ agreements such as loan restructurings, recoveries and debt-to-asset swaps agreed between the banks and defaulting borrowers in efforts by the banks to reduce their non-performing loan portfolios. Unfortunately, the Department of Lands and Surveys does not publish these figures separately.

Domestic Property Sale Transactions
Domestic Property Sale Transactions – 2020/2021 Comparison

Foreign sales

Foreign sales also rose in May, up 34% compared to May 2020. But with travel advice and restrictions dissuading holidaymakers (including Britons) visiting Cyprus, it’s going to take some time for the numbers to recover.

Foreign Property Sale Transactions
Foreign Property Sale Transactions – 2020/2021 Comparison

Sales to EU citizens

Sales to EU nationals rose by 177% in May and have almost returned to their 2018 levels when 539 sales were achieved in the first five months of the year.

Foreign (EU) Property Sale Transactions
Foreign (EU) Property Sale Transactions – 2020/2021 Comparison

Sales to non-EU citizens

Following the cancellation of the Cyprus disgraced ‘Citizenship by Investment Scheme’ (a.k.a. Golden Passport) following the expose by Al-Jazeera, it will come as no surprise that property sales to non-EU citizens are not performing well.

In terms of the number of property sales, Limassol is weathering the storm better than the other districts.

Foreign (Non-EU) Property Sale Transactions
Foreign (Non-EU) Property Sale Transactions – 2020/2021 Comparison

Golden Passport investigation progress

A further 22 foreign nationals face losing their Golden Passports and Cypriot citizenship according to local media reports, bringing the total to 44.

The final report into the scheme is reported to contain the details of a further 100 cases deemed to be “high-risk” individuals. The committee intends to recommend that the citizenships of these foreign investors and their family members are revoked for criminal and political crimes.

The trial is the first case relating to the issue of Golden Passports originally scheduled for 24 May has been postponed to 26 June.

Ten people are involved in the case including Harris Kyriakides LLC and lawyer Michael Kyriakides. They face 37 charges, including document forgery and conspiracy to commit fraud.

Analysis of property sales since 2000

Year Overseas Sales Domestic Sales Percentage
Overseas Sales
Total Sales
2000 450 12,214 3.6% 12,664
2001 1,207 12,849 8.6% 14,056
2002 2,548 14,111 15.3% 16,659
2003 3,981 15,294 20.7% 19,275
2004 5,384 11,947 31.1% 17,331
2005 6,485 10,106 39.1% 16,591
2006 8,355 8,598 49.3% 16,953
2007 11,281 9,964 53.1% 21,245
2008 6,636 8,031 45.2% 14,667
2009 1,761 6,409 21.6% 8,170
2010 2,030 6,568 23.6% 8,598
2011 1,652 5,366 23.5% 7,018
2012 1,476 4,793 23.5% 6,269
2013 1,017 2,750 27.0% 3,767
2014 1,193 3,334 26.4% 4,527
2015 1,349 3,603 27.2% 4,952
1,813 5,250 25.7% 7,063
2,406 6,328 27.5% 8,734
20181 4,367 4,875 47.3% 9,242
4,482 5,884 43.2% 10,366
2,985 4,983 37.5% 7,968
2021 (May)
1,095 2,482 30.6% 3,577
73,953 165,739 30.9% 239,692

1 The Department of Lands & Surveys has advised that overseas sales in 2018 and subsequent year should not be compared to sales in previous years due to changes in the methodology used to classify ‘Aliens’ (foreigners).

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