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Saturday 18th September 2021
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New high rise building in Germasogeia

A further high rise building may soon be built in the Germasogia area of Limassol following the submission of an environmental impact assessment study by Cyagama Ltd for the Westminster Residences development.

The proposed development comprises a central 81-metre-high skyscraper flanked by two outwardly identical 4 story buildings on a 7,925 square metre site approximately 700 metres from the sea.

The main building includes 17 floors of apartments, a roof garden with a swimming pool, a roof and a stairwell to the roof. The building will have an open semi-basement that will include a gymnasium, a Turkish bath (hammam), locker rooms, an equipment room, staircase and lift. The basement will provide 44 parking spaces.

The two smaller flanking buildings are approximately 18 metres high comprising 4 floors of apartments with an outdoor pool on the 3rd and 4th floors, a floor for storage, an equipment room, lift and parking spaces for 7 vehicles.

The project will also include a further 52 parking spaces, bringing the total number to 110 of which 9 will be reserved for the disabled.

The area around the site will be landscaped and planted with endemic/native trees.


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