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Al Jazeera Cyprus Papers awarded bronze

Al Jazeera bronze award

The investigative report ‘The Cyprus Papers’ earnt Al Jazerra a bronze at the New York TV & Film Awards, while Al Jazeera English’s coverage of international issues and universal themes earned the network the prestigious title of Broadcaster of the Year.

The Cyprus Papers are a batch of leaked documents obtained exclusively by Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit, containing more than 1,400 approved applications for the Cyprus Investment Programme (CIP) run by the Republic of Cyprus, some of which showed that passports were sold to criminals and fugitives.

A few days after the news broke, the Interior Minister called Al Jazeera’s ‘probe’ a smear campaign, implying that the ‘old enemy’ Turkey was involved in an attempt to wrongly discredit Cyprus.

After the Al Jazeera investigation was released, the Cypriot government announced an end to the Cyprus Investment Programme (CIP). Attorney General George Savvides launched a full investigation into the evidence provided by the documentary. Demetris Syllouris, President of the House of Representatives, is abstaining from duties until investigations are completed. Christakis Giovani resigned from his position as member of parliament and from all his positions within the AKEL party.

In an article published by Aljazeera on Wednesday, their undercover reporter recounts how, during their four days in Cyprus, they were shown the sites – from the undersea caves and rock structures of Cape Greco to the party scenes of Nissi Beach and the people they met and interviewed during their time on the island.


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