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25th February 2024
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‘Photovoltaics for all’ given the green light

The Cabinet has given the green light to implementing the ‘Photovoltaics for All’ scheme, subsidising up to 6,000 homeowners to install solar systems on their roofs, which will be up and running from the end of next month.

The subsidy scheme comprises five distinct categories, each crafted to “democratise access to solar energy and roof insulation for all households,” according to a government announcement.

The latest version of the scheme will allow homeowners to install a photovoltaic (PV) system to reduce consumption and lower electricity bills, regardless of whether they have the initial capital needed.

In the imminent days, installers specialising in photovoltaics and roof insulation will start to enrol with a government register, laying the groundwork for the public to initiate their applications.

The budget for the latest version of the ‘Photovoltaics for All’ plan is €30 million, expected to cover 6,000 applications from homeowners who lack the initial capital to install a photovoltaic system of up to 4 kW in their homes, from the earlier maximum 4.16kW.

Photovoltaics and insulation

The scheme’s categories are as follows:

A1: Photovoltaics – General, offers a grant of €375 per kW and a maximum grant of €1,500 (4kW), with a 50% increase for homes in mountainous areas.

A2: Photovoltaics – Vulnerable households, provides a grant of €1,250 per kW and a maximum grant of €6,250 (5kW).

A3: Photovoltaics for All, a grant of €250 per kW and a maximum grant of €1,000 (4kW). Additionally, citizens without the initial capital can benefit from this category, with an extra aid of €4,000 for a PV system at a maximum cost of €5,000. The additional aid will need to be paid back to the government.

B1: Roof ins