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25th February 2024
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Son sells mother’s property by forging her signature

A legal case involving a 67-year-old mother and her 31-year-old son is currently pending before the Limassol District Court. The mother has filed a complaint against her son, alleging misconduct.

According to confirmed information from philenews, the accused is alleged to have secured €370,000 by selling his mother’s property without her knowledge.

The 31-year-old, in order to get rid of some people who lent him money, is alleged to have forged his mother’s signature and with a forged power of attorney sold two apartments in a coastal area of the Larnaca province at a ridiculous price.

Additionally, he fabricated a sales agreement for another two houses of the complainant in Limassol.

The case was reported by the complainant around mid-January 2024, and the 31-year-old accused was arrested by the Limassol CID and remanded in custody.

Yesterday, he was brought back to court where the case was registered.

The police requested that the accused remain in custody until the trial begins, with his lawyer, Marina Lavithia, not objecting to the request, reserving her right for the next procedure.

According to the complaint and what the complainant alleged, everything started last August when the 31-year-old constantly asked her for money, telling her that he owed friends who had lent him money.

The 67-year-old withdrew €40,000 from the bank and paid off three people from whom her son allegedly borrowed money, without the latter informing her of the reason he was borrowing.

After much pressure, the 31-year-old revealed to his mother that he owed some people €250,000, telling her that he would go to jail.

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