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12th August 2022
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Nigel Howarth editor Cyprus Property News Established in 2005, Cyprus Property News has become the island’s leading on-line resource for overseas home buyers and real estate investors.

I’m Nigel Howarth, the owner and editor, and I hope you find your visit here interesting, informative and enjoyable.

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If you have any comments or you wish to submit an article for consideration, please contact the Cyprus Property News. If you have a question about buying or selling property in Cyprus, please visit my Cyprus Property Forum.

About me

I’m a former business consultant who first bought property in Cyprus in 1992. I ran my own consultancy firm for several years and my professional career took me around Europe and to many other parts of the world; I have lived in several countries, including: Hong Kong, Australia, South Africa and the Netherlands.

I first started researching Cyprus property back in 1984, when my wife and I decided we wanted to live here. Since then, my ‘hobby’ has turned into a ‘passion’. We managed to escape the UK rat-race in 2002 when we moved to live on the island permanently.

Read on and enjoy your stay!