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Is it unreasonable to reject properties without deeds?

Considering the problems experienced by many who have bought a property in Cyprus that has yet to be issued with a Title Deed, is it unreasonable for potential buyers to refuse to buy a property without a Title Deed?

What a mess: Property valuations

While property values in the Cyprus tourist areas have fallen by 30%, foreign demand is still down 70%. Antonis Loizou FRICS considers the problem and wonders what will happen next.

Well meaning or crooked lawyers?

Reports of “crooked” lawyers in Cyprus are legion. Paphos (or Pafos) appears to have an unusually high percentage of wrong doings by lawyers in comparison with other Cyprus towns and cities according to Antonis Loizou.

The difficult Cyprus property title deed route

So that you can appreciate the long and difficult way from the completion of a building, to the issue of the property title deeds, we hereby submit the procedure that it is required. For each step we hereby provide the legal requirement for the issue of a permit and the actual time taken. • Application […]

The British Mafia in Cyprus – True or False?

By Antonis Loizou, FRICS Antonis Loizou & Associates Ltd Chartered Surveyors Property Valuers – Project Managers May 2007 We submit this article in the press in order for our readers to share our concerns on a new upcoming situation of a “modern” society. It seems that the British market with its numerous good/positive factors, both […]

Fraud in the Making

Suddenly the Cyprus Ministry of the Interior and the press have realised that a new type of property titles for which we have written in this and other newspapers over two years ago, is a fraud in the making against unsuspecting buyers, especially the foreign ones who rely to a large extent on their solicitors. […]

Financing of Real Estate Acquisitions in Cyprus

Securing finance for the acquisition of real estate is being developing constantly in Cyprus. The financial institutions up to the year 2003 did not look upon financing for such purposes, as being an attractive proposition for them and the amount of the loans was around up to 50% of the purchase price and with a […]

Predictions – Cyprus Property Market 2007

  We wish we had a God sent talent to predict “dead right” the developments in the Cyprus real estate market for the year 2007. We can only submit our predictions based on our under experience, especially with regard to the year 2006 bearing in mind the trends that exist. We welcome any other opinions […]

Is It Possible – £3,000/

Where are the property prices going dear readers? Are we aiming for the equivalent of the Kolonaki area in Athens, the Marble Arch in London, or even the N. York’s Central Park? We have noted in the past the fast rising of prices in property, but in this article we would like to concentrate on […]

The Theory & Practice – Capital Appreciation

We have read recently in a U.K. national newspaper a report on Cyprus, from a disappointed British investor, who has bought a property for (say) £100,000 and now he cannot sell it for more than this. This situation is quite common and we have written in the past in this paper, what sort of returns […]

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