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Title Deeds & Share Transfers – Beware

Due to the delays that are met in securing the various building permits and the consequential delays in getting the titles and the much sought after transfer of title, the market has come up with a new way to by-pass the system. The time that it takes for a property to have its title secured […]

Cyprus Project Management – Real Estate

The job of the Project Manager is well known in most of the developed countries and the need for such an added consultant’s job in the building industry, arose as a result of the increasing complexity of buildings, the cost which reached higher and higher levels and the more sophisticated mode of work by the […]

Beach Properties – Care of What you Own

We are writing this article because there is a big confusion regarding what property owners of beach properties actually own. The seaside plots may be affected by the seashore protection zone. This zone, which is indicated on the official plans, sets a distance from the seashore line (approximately 300 metres) within which you cannot erect […]

Structural and Routine Defects

It is normal when someone acquires new property that he gets a guarantee for defects for a period of 12 months after delivery. Although not stipulated, in most/all contracts, the Cyprus common law sets out that the developer is liable for ever for the structural stability of a building (other things being equal e.g. earthquake, […]

Greek Cypriot Property + Turkish Held Areas

The change in the Cyprus Government law on people buying property in the Turkish held areas (T.H.A.) is very important and it is worth mentioning it in our articles. The arrest of a Russian couple who have bought a house in the T.H.A. is a point to be noted, since, they stand to go to […]

The Rights & Responsibilities of a Cypriot Estate Agent

From the numerous letters that we have received (28) and are keep coming, it appears that, especially foreign people, have problems with the commissions involved in a sale and there is a complete confusion as to what the sellers/ estate agents rights and responsibilities are. For this reason we will attempt in this article, within […]

Buy to Let

Cyprus is becoming attractive with increasing number investors, whose prime consideration is to buy a property, in order to let it as an investment. The market is changing and from a 10% share, which originally represented this investment market, these buy-to-let buyers have surpassed now the 25% percentage of the foreign purchases. Residential returns are […]

Estate Agents’ Commission

By Antonis Loizou & Associates Limited – Chartered Surveyors & Property Consultants IN CYPRUS, the Estate Agents’ law regulates the profession and sets out the rights and duties of the estate agents. All estate agents must be registered with the Registrar and obtain a licence, otherwise no- one can call himself an estate agent or […]

The Cyprus Property Title Deeds Issue

IT IS a fact that it takes a long time to secure a title deed for new property and this creates serious problems regarding ownership, finance, re-sale and other matters. At this point of time there is a serious debate taking place in the House of Representatives on the subject, but we have not detected […]

Cyprus Property Tax Refunds

Dear Sir, Question: I am told that I can get a refund on the property taxes that I have been charged by the developer. When I bought my apartment, five years ago, prior to transfer the developer charged me £360 for property taxes. Can I claim this amount back? Answer: There is a government property […]

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