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Construction investment decline continues

Investment in the Island’s construction sector is continuing to decline according to figures published earlier today by the Cyprus Statistical Service, which reveal a 13.3 percent fall in the number of building permits issued over the first nine months of this year compared with last.

Mari explosion slowed growth in construction sector

The explosion of confiscated munitions stored at the Mari naval base on July 11th that killed 13 people and devastated the Vasiliko power station has pushed the Cyprus economy into recession and slowed growth in the construction sector.

Residential property construction in meltdown

Cyprus Statistical Services figures published earlier today reveal that the number of residential properties for which building permits have been issued has dropped by more than 4,000 compared to last year.

More than one thousand new home owners

Now that the crippling power cuts have ended and work has returned to normal, more than one thousand properties were transferred to their new owners in September.

Construction investments continue downward trend

More bad news from the Cyprus Statistical Service emerged today as the number of building permits approved sank further in July as investments in the Island’s real estate continued their downward trend.

Investments in construction at lowest level in years

Investments in the Cyprus construction sector remain at their lowest level in years, with no signs of a recovery on the horizon according to the latest figures from the Island’s statistical service.

Construction activity showing no signs of recovery

The latest figures from the Cyprus Statistical Service offer no encouraging signs of an upturn in the Island’s property and construction sectors as the number of building permits issued continues to fall.

Property title deed transfers fell in July

The number of properties in Cyprus transferred to their new owners fell during July, possibly as a result of the crippling power cuts that we all have to endure and the lack of office air-conditioning in the blistering summer heat.

Property transfers continue to improve

Latest figures to come out of the Department of Land and Surveys show that the number of properties being transferred at District Lands Offices across Cyprus is continuing to improve.

Building permits fell in April as construction slowed

Latest figures from the Statistical Service confirm that Cyprus’ construction industry is continuing to struggle with the number of building permits issued in April falling 16.2 percent compared with April last year.

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