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Why Title Deed legislation cannot work

The Title Deed legislation under discussion by the Cyprus government cannot work because it fails to address several critical factors; it is nothing more than a planning amnesty designed to protect property developers who have broken the law.

Castles Built on Sand

Dr Alan Waring considers the growing problems with the Cyprus property market and wonders where it is heading and if there are ways to prevent the industry from destroying itself.

Bigger and more strident Cyprus campaign group?

The recent writ against Denis O’Hare which led to the closure of the Cyprus Property Action Group website could result in the setting up of a bigger more strident organisation to campaign for the rights of property buyers in Cyprus.

Arrogant developers damaging Cyprus

The arrogance still being shown by developers towards foreign buyers on the Title Deeds issue is scandalous. They don’t seem to be aware of just how much lasting damage they have done to the market and to Cyprus.

Cyprus title misdeeds

Property developers in Cyprus are strong-arming the government to do their bidding by holding up the spectre of economic collapse.

Cyprus: Island of love or fraud?

Developers retain Title Deeds for many years and use them (without the express permission or even knowledge of the buyer) as collateral to obtain mortgages. While such mortgages exist, the deeds cannot be issued to the buyer.

The property bubble

IN PARALLEL with the tourist decline, the property boom in Cyprus went into reverse from 2005 onwards. Nevertheless, over that period we have seen countless articles and utterances seeking to deny first that there is a problem at all and, when that position became untenable, to bluster that the problem was minor and temporary. Cyprus […]

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