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Saturday 23rd January 2021
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Elizabeth Michael

What is a property boundary dispute?

A property boundary dispute normally arises between registered owners when ownership of a section of a common boundary or an entire common boundary is contested. Although the Department of Lands & Surveys in Cyprus maintains all relevant title maps and documentation indicating the ownership of property boundaries in Cyprus, boundary disputes nevertheless do arise, usually resulting in possible asset value depletion and an adverse financial impact. In accordance with Law Cap.224, Section 58, an application needs to be made to the Director of the Department of Lands & Surveys to carry out a local inspection of the property boundary and to make a final decision to resolve the dispute. The Department of Lands & Surveys' requirements for the settlement of the...

Cyprus: How important is a Title Deed?

The acquisition of a Title Deed is usually simple and straightforward, however, at times it can also involve a very complex and specialised process which understandably is not always very clear to the average person. Nevertheless, a Title Deed is a very important legal document which is used as evidence to prove ownership of immovable property, such as a home or a plot of land. With regards to immovable property, the Department of Lands and Surveys in the Republic of Cyprus is the only public department in Cyprus that is involved with the rights related to immovable property and a Title Deed needs to be officially registered with this Department. A Title Deed becomes relevant in the immovable property buying process...

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