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Sunday 19th September 2021
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Pavlos Loizou MRICS VRS

As Cyprus changes so do properties

Large companies and high-net-worth individuals who purchase houses and apartments either to resell or rent them to third parties currently make up 20% of...

Property sales figures can lie

When the Department of Lands and Surveys released data on sales contracts for January, it struck me the numbers and percentages were presented without...

Cypriot buyers only constant in property market

The repeal of the Citizen by Investment Programme (CIP), the consequences of the pandemic – economic and social – and the general prevailing uncertainty...

Video killed the radio star

Nobody really understands what property valuers do, they don't make 'big bucks' like Chartered Accountants and everyone is usually shouting at them to 'produce' the value that they want.

Betrayed by the fourth estate

The Fourth Estate, typically the independent press or media, has betrayed us all enabling the First and Second estates, the elite, to run unchecked, as he Third became increasingly self-centred.

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