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Reports written by Pavlos Loizou MRICS VRS

The world has turned upside down

The country makes its living from tourism and financial services but, with banking being six to eight times the country’s GDP, there are systemic risks given the size of domestically owned banks and their exposure to Greece.

With value gone out the window, liquidity is the key

Although the Central Bank’s Property Price Index shows a fall in residential property prices of 8.3 percent over the past two years, anecdotal evidence suggests that the decrease is at least double this figure.

Limassol property market doesn’t depend on Russians

The number of real estate transactions for December 2011 was announced this week. Once again, they fell compared with the same month last year (-7%) and 2011 ‘ended’ with an 18% reduction in transaction volume compared with 2010.

The Greek haircut and the Cyprus real estate market

With the share price of one of the banks in Cyprus having fallen to a 12 year low, the repercussions of the 50 percent haircut on Greek bonds and now the possibility of Greece defaulting are devastating – and the Cypriot real estate sector is part of the problem.

Prices & valuations what is your house worth?

Why is my neighbour’s house better than mine, but my house is more expensive than his? This article examines the concepts and differences between the price of a house, its value and its worth.

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