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Mortgaged property in Cyprus

I am in the process of buying an off-plan property in Cyprus and my lawyer has written advising me that: “The bank which has a mortgage on the project will issue a declaration confirming that the separate Title Deed issued for the property will not be burdened with the existing mortgage which is currently filed […]

Property buyers at the mercy of title deed traps

WE REFER to your article of September 22, “Law reform hopes to clear up title deeds trap“. This reported that the House Legal Affairs Committee had discussed the issue and it is very encouraging that the government is starting to address some of the pitfalls of buying property in Cyprus. A change in the law […]

The continuing Cyprus property debate

First, let me say that we are sorry to hear that you are also suffering at the hands of an unscrupulous property developer. Would you consider registering your problem on our website at We know it’s of little comfort to you, but you’re not alone. More than 2,000 people, both Cypriots and foreigners, have […]

Make a fast buck and damn the consequences

Just like an earlier letter writer (‘Are there no planning rules in Cyprus’) my wife and I own property in Pyla and we are amazed by the amount of development not just in this area but the surrounding areas. Having read the letter by Mr McManus I have to say I whole heartily agree with […]

Peyia lunacy

We are not whingeing Brits; our Cypriot neighbours have tried the Municipality, which seems to have no power, and the Citizen’s Line, which wasn’t helpful… Following the storms in October 2006 and their tragic consequences, the Peyia Municipality worked hard to ensure future storm water would run away harmlessly by laying drainage pipes and contouring […]

Are there no planning rules in Cyprus?

In recent months, I and other residents of Mytides Pyla, have expressed concerns at what appears to be either a blatant disregard for or the bending of planning regulations in respect of the proposed developments in Pyla. Since the beginning of 2007, we have witnessed a steady procession of potential purchasers looking to develop this […]

Living in a Cyprus Property with no Title Deeds

I’ve heard that some people are being taken to court for living in houses without Title Deeds.I’m confused; is this true? If it is true, what can I do to stop this happening to me? I don’t have my Title Deed and I’ve been waiting for over 12 years now. Answer The situation to which […]

Issue of Building Permit for Cyprus Property

I have read your book and as I understand it, Planning Permission must be granted before applying for a Building Permit.Is my understanding correct or can my architect apply for a building permit at the same time? Many thanks Answer That’s right, your architect usually needs to have secured Planning Permission before he/she can apply […]

Cyprus Property: Getting Right-of-Way

I have a plot which does not have direct access to the public highway; can you advise me how to about getting access to my property officially? I understand that if it is within 300′ from a road then you can get it, but I’m not sure of the procedure. It’s quite possible you have […]

How do we ensure our Cyprus property is energy efficient

We have been living in Cyprus for a year and have decided to build a property on some land we’ve bought near Marathounta. The rented property we’re currently living in has no insulation, heating or air conditioning and it gets very cold in winter and very hot in summer. Is there anything we can do […]

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