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Uncontrolled Development

Sir,Further to your recent article where Mr Foukaras correctly sights Tala and Emba’s uncontrolled property development as the cause of the recent tragedy: In July 2004, I forwarded a letter highlighting the problems of high density development to the Director of Planning in Nicosia with copies to Paphos Director of Planning, the District Officer and […]

Purchasing Land for Building

Sir, I am prompted to write after reading Mr Loizou’s recent article about purchasing in Cyprus. Whilst it is always recommended that prior to the purchase of a house, the building should have a full structural survey done to ensure there are no defects; the same advice never seems to be given when the purchase […]

Cyprus Property Tax Refunds

Dear Sir, Question: I am told that I can get a refund on the property taxes that I have been charged by the developer. When I bought my apartment, five years ago, prior to transfer the developer charged me £360 for property taxes. Can I claim this amount back? Answer: There is a government property […]

Where are the Best Areas to Buy Rental Property in Cyprus

Question We’re thinking about buying an Apartment, which we will need to rent out, what are the best areas to look at? Answer First, Do not go into the market with a buy-to-let strategy. You will most almost certainly find that rental yields are much lower than ‘promised’. A number of developers offer ‘guaranteed rental […]

Can Cyprus Cope with a Property Boom?

Sir, I read with interest your story urging us to “get ready for a property boom” (October 4). Is Cyprus equipped to cope with this new demand for housing and as a result the need for more residence permits and access to healthcare? The current system seems stretched beyond its resources. As an example, my […]

Title Deeds Confusion

Sir, I found your article on title deeds very interesting, because last year with the amnesty announced, we decided that after purchasing our property in 2000, and still no title deeds in sight, we would apply under this new legislation. We proceeded to fill in all the necessary forms with house plans (as we had […]

In Defence of the Whingeing Brit

I read with interest the letter from a Scottish lady who left Cyprus, returned to Scotland, and regrets this move homeland for the reasons given and misses Cyprus and the benefits of living here (in her opinion). I look at this issue from a different perspective: my experience of living on this island has obviously […]

Is there no Recourse against the Developers?

My mother purchased a property from a property developer over three years ago, and, even though her contract had stated that completion would be 18 months, it is now only finally being completed. Nothing new here, as this is Cyprus and we all know exactly what such contracts are worth. My mother is a regular […]

Beware when Buying Cyprus Property

Nigel Howarth’s letter in Cyprus Weekly (29 April 05) spurred me to write about my own experience in seeking suitable accommodation to buy in Cyprus. Having lived here for two years now and, having heard horror stories as well as pleasant experiences from friends and acquaintances who, to a man, advised us to use a […]

Cyprus Real Estate Agents Developers & Lawyers

I sympathise with the plight of the Parnhams reported in your letters page of last week. Regrettably, problems of this nature are not uncommon when buying Cyprus property. I personally receive three or four emails a month from people who have been deliberately misled into parting with their money by unscrupulous real estate agents, property […]

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