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Property prices fell in Quarter 1 2010

RICS Cyprus has published the second edition of its quarterly Property Price Index showing a fall in the prices of residential apartments and houses and a general fall in value of commercial properties during the quarter.

RICS Cyprus property price index published

Earlier today, RICS Cyprus published the first issue of its property price index which is based on a methodology developed by Reading University in the UK.

Row brewing over the Cyprus property price index

A row is brewing over the future of the Cyprus property price index. According to latest reports, RICS Cyprus has entered the fray and is planning to produce a regular property index starting in January 2010.

Concerns over the Cyprus property price index

Concerns have been raised by the Chairman of the Association for the Promotion of Property Developments about the future of the Cyprus Property Price Index and the involvement of the banks in its preparation.

Cyprus property prices down

As the property crisis continues to worsen, prices of residential properties in the urban centres have dropped by more than 10%, while prices of summer residences have fallen between 30% – 40%.

Home prices in Cyprus fall

THE latest BuySell Home Price Index indicates that the average price of a property in Cyprus fell during the first quarter of 2009. However, the BuySell figures conflict

Cyprus property prices fall in fourth quarter

HOUSE prices in Cyprus withstood overall the global property market recession, recording a slight increase during 2008. However, prices were much less dynamic in 2008 compared to the previous year, influenced mainly by the worsening global economic conditions. From January to December 2008, the BuySell Home Price Index recorded a total increase of 2.8% compared […]

Cyprus property prices up in third quarter

HOUSE prices in Cyprus, in the third quarter of 2008, remain resilient despite the worsening global economic conditions. From July to September 2008, the BuySell Home Price Index recorded a total increase of 1.5% compared to the last quarter. However, the year-on-year rate of increase decelerated (compared to the last two quarters), coming down to […]

Cyprus property: should we fear a slump?

AS the world’s largest economies settle into a global recession, the Cyprus property market sends out mixed messages on how it’s confronting the crisis, with analysts divided on whether house prices are actually going up or down. One real estate consultant argues the international financial crisis has hit the foreign buyers’ property market hard, pushing […]

Aristo sales down

Dolphin Capital Investors, the company with a sizeable stake in Aristo Developers (Aristo), published its results earlier this week: “Total home sales booked by Aristo as at 31 August 2008 of €79 million, 37% lower than the corresponding record breaking period of 2007 mainly due to a slowdown in demand by UK buyers.” (Founded in […]

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