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Real estate prices & rents across Cyprus continue to fall

Property prices and rents across the major urban areas of Cyprus continued to fall during the second quarter of 2011, according to the seventh issue of the RICS (Cyprus) Property Price Index published earlier today.

Central Bank of Cyprus reports housing price falls

Residential housing prices in Cyprus have dropped for the sixth consecutive quarter according to the latest ‘Residential Property Price Indices’ report produced by the Real Estate Unit of the Island’s Central Bank.

Property prices and rents continue to fall

Real estate prices across the island continued to fall during the first quarter of 2011 according to the sixth issue of the RICS Cyprus Property Price Index, with house and apartment prices dropping by an average of 1.6% and 0.9% respectively over the quarter.

House prices drop, bad loans rise

In April we reported that the price of property in Cyprus had fallen by more that nine percent during 2010; our figures were based on the RICS (Cyprus) Property Price Index. In its latest Economic Bulletin, the Central Bank paints a somewhat rosier picture.

Market stagnant despite price cuts

The global recession, the Title Deed fiasco, greed, stricter bank lending criteria and high interest rates blamed for stagnant property market as plummeting house prices fail to ignite sales.

Cyprus housing market stumbles

Compared to other European member states, the housing market in Cyprus performed poorly in 2010, with price falls over the year averaging more than nine percent.

Disappointing drop in Cyprus real estate prices

The fifth issue of the RICS Cyprus Property Price Index show that real estate prices across the Island fell during the fourth quarter of 2010, with house and apartment prices falling by an average of 2.6% and 2.4% respectively.

Residential property prices continue to fall

During the third quarter of 2010, the capital values of residential houses and apartments fell by 0.9 percent and 2.1 percent respectively according to the fourth issue of the RICS Cyprus Property Price Index.

Central Bank real estate price index

In its December Economic Bulletin, the Central Bank of Cyprus presented the results of the Real Estate Price Index it prepared in collaboration with domestic monetary and financial institutions.

Price falls slowed in Quarter 2 2010

Cyprus property prices fell at a slower pace during the second quarter of 2010 with Cypriot buyers starting to return to the market according to the recently published RICS Cyprus property price index.

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