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Cyprus property sales continue downward spiral

Property sales in Cyprus continued to decline in October with overall sales falling more than 20 per cent compared with October 2011, but there are some signs that the downward trend may be starting to slow.

Luxury property sales weathering the storm

New research indicates that the high-end luxury market for property in Cyprus is weathering the storm with sales in Limassol doing particularly well compared to other parts of the island.

No let-up in catastrophic sales downturn

September sales figures from the Cyprus Department of Lands and Surveys show that the number of properties sold across the island continues to fall with overall sales declining by more than a quarter.

Property sales down 40 per cent

There is still no end in sight to the catastrophic downturn in the Cyprus housing market with real estate sales during August plummeting 40 per cent to reach a new all-time monthly low.

Property sales plunge to new depths

The number of properties sold in Cyprus in July plunged to new depths, with the number of contracts of sale deposited at Land Registry offices down more than 30 percent compared to July 2011.

Real estate sales falter in June

The number of properties sold in Cyprus during June weakened, with the total number of contracts of sale deposited at Land Registry offices down 8 percent compared with June 2011.

Property market shows encouraging signs

Property sales in Cyprus increased in May with the number of contracts deposited at Land Registries reaching their highest level since June 2010, raising expectations that a recovery may be underway.

No end in sight to the collapse in property sales

With the exception of January, when sales improved compared with January 2011, property sales in Cyprus have been shrinking for the past 22 months with no signs of a recovery in the foreseeable future.

Overseas property sales continue to shrink

Overseas investment in the Cyprus real estate market continues to dwindle with the number of sales falling a quarter during the first three months of 2012 compared to the same period last year.

Home sales continue slide despite incentives

Despite cuts in VAT and transfer taxes, and revised laws designed to improve consumer protection, the number of properties being sold in Cyprus is continuing to decline according to government figures.

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