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Property Scams

Mortgaged property in Cyprus

I am in the process of buying an off-plan property in Cyprus and my lawyer has written advising me that: “The bank which has a mortgage on the project will issue a declaration confirming that the separate Title Deed issued for the property will not be burdened with the existing mortgage which is currently filed […]

Cyprus title deed scams

Here are some of the Cyprus property ‘scams’ linked to the Title Deed problems reported by Andrew Winter on Channel 4 TV.

As safe as houses?

A PROMOTIONAL brochure from a major Cyprus property developer promises potential buyers ‘unique life-long experiences, the building of strong relationships with the human being, along with a combination of security, warmth, and affection towards the family’. This is the same company that has given an English couple one of the nastiest experiences of their lives: […]

Man wanted after 80,000 goes missing

A PAPHOS estate agent is wanted by the police after being accused of stealing an 80,000 deposit from a British couple before disappearing. Paphos CID believe the 49-year-old man may have already fled the country after closing down his offices and have issued a warrant for his arrest. Interpol has also been notified. The incident […]

Property scandal set to rock Cyprus market to the core

A scandal involving a leading property developer in Cyprus may have the potential to shake to the core the credibility of the holiday homes market on the island, following allegations supported by video evidence, contracts and audio evidence that a property developer in Paralimini sold a plot of land to Conor O’Dwyer in 2005 for […]

Cyprus Title Deed Nightmare Reported on Channel 4

“There are massive problems in Cyprus with Developers abusing property law to make huge profits for themselves…” – Andrew Winter

Hundreds of expats duped by dodgy property developers

A GROUP of exasperated expats yesterday informed Finance Minister Michalis Sarris of the hundreds of complaints made against developers and estate agents in Cyprus relating to fraudulent dealings in the lucrative property market. The Cyprus Property Action Group, formed last April to deal with the growing problem in the property market, met with Sarris to […]

Cyprus property fraud

Many many summers ago, when Cyprus was being accused of harbouring money-launderers, the Serious Financial Crime Squad of the police (aka MOKAS) came into being, with the hope that it would deal with what its name clearly describes. Since then, accusations of money laundering continue to harass Cyprus officials with little light ever being shed […]

Minister orders probe into development scam claims

INTERIOR Minister Christos Patsalides yesterday ordered an investigation into allegations made on a YouTube video by a British home buyer Conor O’Dwyer that a Cypriot developer had sold his off-plan house to someone else and kept his money. After launching the website to highlight his case, Conor O’Dwyer, 37, brought his fight against the […]

Make a fast buck and damn the consequences

Just like an earlier letter writer (‘Are there no planning rules in Cyprus’) my wife and I own property in Pyla and we are amazed by the amount of development not just in this area but the surrounding areas. Having read the letter by Mr McManus I have to say I whole heartily agree with […]

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