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Property Scams

Nothing in site for villa victims

ON paper it looked like a great deal. A property in the sun for half the market price and all you have to do in return is let the developer rent the place for six months a year for 10 years. When the 10 years is up the house in Cyprus would be yours for […]

Remand for Man who Sold House that Wasn’t His

POLICE yesterday issued a four-day remand for 40-year-old Pavlos Kyriacou from Limassol after he tried to sell a house that did not belong to him to a British citizen.

Fraud in the Making

Suddenly the Cyprus Ministry of the Interior and the press have realised that a new type of property titles for which we have written in this and other newspapers over two years ago, is a fraud in the making against unsuspecting buyers, especially the foreign ones who rely to a large extent on their solicitors. […]

Property Buyers Warning

There are many retired Britons living in Cyprus who prey on the fears (and wallets) of their fellow countrymen. Acting illegally as property middlemen, they receive a finders fee or commission from their ‘friends’ in the property business when they introduce would-be purchasers. It makes no difference whether you allow yourself to be conned by […]

The Church says it will finish our homes but the big question is when?

RESIDENTS of a Paphos development who have been waiting for their title deeds for over ten years have cast doubt over Church claims that they will be ready by the end of the year. The Interior Ministry has instigated proceedings against the Ayios Pavlos Church, accusing the institution of failing to obtain a completion certificate […]

Police Investigating Fraud Claims over Paphos Development

POLICE are investigating a series of complaints against a developer accused of taking close to three million pounds from around 70 people for properties in the Paphos district which have not been built, two years after deposits were paid. Briton David Goodman told the Sunday Mail he had paid a £40,000 deposit for a townhouse […]

Title Deeds & Share Transfers – Beware

Due to the delays that are met in securing the various building permits and the consequential delays in getting the titles and the much sought after transfer of title, the market has come up with a new way to by-pass the system. The time that it takes for a property to have its title secured […]

Buying Mortgaged Property in Cyprus

Question Hi Nigel, I am in the process of buying an off-plan Cyprus property from a developer and the lawyer acting on my behalf has advised me that: “The bank which has a mortgage on the project will issue a declaration confirming that the separate Title Deed issued for the property will not be burdened […]

A Reader’s Disgust

ONE of our readers, Kate Jones, wrote to us saying how disgusted she was on reading the facts of life about the incompetence of some of the lawyers in Cyprus. We must make it clear from the start that this is not a Cypriot phenomenon but a worldwide one, since there are good and bad […]

Paphos Property Developer Charged and Released

A PAPHOS property developer who was arrested last Friday and remanded in custody on suspicion of obtaining money from buyers with intent to defraud has been released two days early on medical grounds, sources said. Police would not confirm why the suspect had been released, only that he had been charged and that the investigation […]

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