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Building extensions amnesty slammed

Opposition parties have slammed the new measures to legalise formerly illegal building extensions announced by the cabinet yesterday claiming that they give favourable treatment to property developers.

Illegal building extensions amnesty

The Cyprus government is to introduce new measures to legalise formerly illegal building extensions by allowing people to add 20 per cent of their building’s co-efficient until the end of 2020.

Paying for my developer’s illegalities

A Pegeia resident demonstrates how the provisions of the Town Planning Amnesty enable ‘dishonest and devious developers’ responsible for planning infringements to escape the consequences of their actions.

Focus of the Cyprus town planning bills was wrong

The main focus of Cyprus government’s town planning bills was to raise revenues for the state rather than providing a sound legal framework to ensure the immediate issue of Title Deeds.

Banks say town planning bills unconstitutional

The Association of Cyprus Banks believes that some provisions in the three town planning bills currently awaiting parliamentary approval are unconstitutional and has called on the government to think again.

Title Deed law changes delayed

The Cyprus government has been unsuccessful in its attempt to introduce the five bills designed to accelerate the issue of Title Deeds by the end of the parliamentary session. Talks on their substance will continue after the summer recess.

Title Deed bills to Cyprus parliament today

The six bills concerning reforms to the legal framework governing building permits and the issue of Title Deeds will be submitted to Cyprus parliament today.

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