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Reduce non-performing loans by 40% in 2018

The Finance Ministry’s ‘Stability Programme 2018 – 2021’ outlines a three-pronged strategy to address the high levels of non-performing loans (NPLs) in the banking sector that pose a risk to the economy.

Cyprus plans asset management company

Nearly five years after the troika of Cyprus’ international lenders proposed that the country establish an asset management company to help reduce the high level of NPLs, Cyprus will present plans for an AMC in Brussels next week.

NAMA Mia here we go again (maybe)

Having rejected the idea a couple of years ago, it seems the Cyprus government is now considering a NAMA style ‘Bad Bank’ in efforts to help resolve the non-performing loans issue.

A simple warning on loan restructuring

Loan restructuring is meant to preserve value and rescue good loans that are under temporary stress; they are not a ‘trick’ to rescue bad businesses that were unable to repay their loans in the time of plenty.

How we could deal with the transfer of BoC assets

Depending on decisions taken for the future of the Bank of Cyprus, all collateral for problematic loans that have been granted in recent years will be transferred to the new entity, which will sell or rent the assets to repay the loan.

Real estate bank a possibility

One of the options being considered for the future of the Bank of Cyprus is the establishment of an asset management company to take over problematic real estate loans and undertake their sale or rent to repay loans.

Are we about to meet our NAMAsis?

One of the key suggestions in the Troika’s draft proposals for Cyprus is the establishment of an Asset Management Company along the lines of NAMA – Ireland’s National Management Agency.

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