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Moody’s downgrades Marfin and Bank of Cyprus

In the wake of yesterday’s announcement that Moody’s had downgraded Government bond ratings, the ratings agency has downgraded the deposit and debt ratings of the Marfin Popular Bank and the Bank of Cyprus.

Moody’s reviews Cyprus banks for possible downgrade

Moody’s Investors Service placed three Cypriot banks on review for a possible downgrade on Friday, citing heightened risks to the banks from their exposure to Greek debt.

Moody’s downgrades three Cyprus banks

Following in the wake of its decision last week to downgrade Cyprus government bond ratings, yesterday Moody’s Investor Services announced that it had downgraded three Cyprus banks.

Marfin Popular and Bank of Cyprus to face CEBS tests

The Marfin Popular Bank and the Bank of Cyprus will be part of an EU-wide stress testing exercise to be undertaken by the CEBS (Committee of European Banking Supervisors) before the end of the month.

Bank of Cyprus loan for Limassol marina

An agreement has been reached between the Bank of Cyprus and Limassol Marina Limited for a loan for the construction of the new marina which should open in 2012.

Built on greed and nepotism says Cyprus protester

The property industry in Cyprus is built on greed and nepotism. The developers borrow money from the bank using people’s homes as collateral and the banks and lawyers are part of the deception. I have proof that my home has been mortgaged by my developer.

Demonstrations against Cyprus banks

CPAG is organising a series of demonstrations in efforts to force the banks in Cyprus to disclose details of mortgages taken out by property developers to those homebuyers who have been duped into buying mortgaged property.

Cyprus sale achieves €8.8 million

Brave property investors exchanged shares valued at €8.8 million for Cyprus holiday homes. Although somewhat less than the sales target of €50 million, Dolphin MD declared the shares-for-property swap programme a success.

Bank of Cyprus to cut mortgage rate

The Bank of Cyprus will cut its base mortgage rate by 1% in early June, bringing it down to 4.25%. However, overseas property investors may not benefit from the rate cut as it will only apply to mortgages

Bank of Cyprus offers cheap housing loans

The Bank of Cyprus, is offering attractively priced loans of up to EUR 1.5 billion earmarked for housing, business and the hotel/construction industries.

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