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Chinese ban no impact on property sales

The restrictions introduced by the Chinese government to reduce outbound investment in real estate have yet to impact property sales according to the Cyprus Chambers of Commerce and Industry (Keve).

Property market will be hit by new Russian law

Cyprus’ beleaguered property market will shortly be dealt another blow when the Russian government passes a bill banning state officials and civil servants from owning overseas property, bank accounts or stocks and shares.

Ban the sale of mortgaged property

An overwhelming percentage of our readers who voted in a recent on-line poll want the Cyprus government to ban the sale of mortgaged property.

Cyprus estate agent declared bankrupt

The case against Andrew Nolan, formerly of Cyprus estate agents Peter Stephenson Properties, was heard by a judge at a court in Birmingham last Thursday where he was officially declared bankrupt.

Misleading holiday home advertisements banned

A Cyprus property owner has been rapped by advertising watchdogs for posting misleading and untruthful descriptions of an apartment and luxury villa on holiday websites by the Advertising Standards Authority in the UK.

Estate agent gets wake-up call from bailiffs

Andrew Nolan, formerly of Cyprus estate agents Peter Stephenson Properties was woken at 6am by a bailiff from Bluemoon Investigations and investigative journalist Andrew Penman.

Northern Cyprus property exhibitors banned

Northern Cypriot exhibitors remain banned from exhibiting at the ‘A Place in the Sun Live’ show.

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